World’s first well-being robot looks like R2D2

Diya One X, launched earlier this year by France’s Partnering Robotics, has been called “the world’s first well-being robot.”

According to the media release, Partnering Robotics founder Ramesh Caussy was “tired of seeing his daughter suffer from chronic diseases related to air pollution,” and decided to apply his expertise to purifying the indoor air and addressing what he feels is  a major public health issue.

Caussy, who spoke at this year’s Global Wellness Summit, said in the media release, “I had enough to see my daughter being sick, so I asked myself a simple question: how can I bring my help? I have chosen to redirect my skills so my know-how and level of expertise could truly become useful to the community.”

The result was the Diya One (they call it “the climate R2D2”), a mobile, interactive robotic capable of treating the air in large and complex indoor environments such as “workplaces, museums, malls or adult nursing homes.”

This was followed by the next generation, the Diya One X.

The robot features an exclusive AI that allows it to smoothly navigate large environments. Capable of specific interactions with indoor environments and self learning, Diya One X speaks a “new droid language” and measures factors that may impact the comfort and well-being of the building’s occupants: air quality, temperature, relative humidity, lighting, and noise levels.

Diya One X measures air pollutants, such as CO2 and VOCs, in real time, and treats the ambient air via a filtering process “that removes 99.95% of air pollutants, allergens, viruses and odors.” The robot also gathers data, which it indexes and graphs, and turns into “indoor atmosphere maps.”

Diya One X aims to turn the indoor environment into an investment towards people’s wellbeing.

Here’s Dr. Caussy’s talk at the GWS


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