Noel Asmar Group to fund growth of 1,000 trees per month in Ethiopia

Noel Asmar Group

Noel Asmar Group partners with WeForest for sustainability initiative for conserving and restoring the ecological integrity of forests and landscapes.

The Noel Asmar Group is once again demonstrating their commitment to sustainability in the textile and wellness space, this time by partnering with WeForest. WeForest is an organization supporting projects around the world focusing on tropical regions highly affected by climate change. Since its inception, WeForest has dedicated itself to “conserving and restoring the ecological integrity of forests and landscapes.” 

The Noel Asmar group comprises three brands – Asmar Equestrian, Pedicure Bowls, and Noel Asmar Uniforms – and has a long history of weaving sustainable initiatives into business practices.

“We design and create with purpose, intent, and sustainability in the pursuit of wellness in every aspect of life” said CEO Noel Asmar in a statement. “Taking care of our Earth, and the people who call it home, is at the core of everything we do. It’s our passion.”

Through the partnership, The Noel Asmar Group has committed to funding the growth of 1,000 trees per month as part of a reforestation project in Ethiopia’s Desa’a Forest Reserve. Much of the forest has disappeared or is severely degraded, according to a media release, and intervention is crucial to ensure species are protected, soil erosion is minimized, and local communities retain their livelihood.

“It’s not just about growing trees” says Asmar, “It’s tangible changes with a big impact. It’s purposeful and lifts up communities with an emphasis on women, youth, and the farmers so many depend on.”

Noel Asmar Group is well known for an emphasis on sustainability. The group launched their first sustainable uniform collections in 2018 and have committed to sourcing sustainable fabrics and yarns wherever possible. They also create garments from recycled water bottles that are pelleted and spun into fabric used in both the equestrian and uniform brands. To date, the group has diverted over 578,000 water bottles from landfills.

“We work with world-renowned brands like Sandals, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, LaPrairie, and they value sustainability. Our customers and clients are making choices that reflect that and we’re continuing to find new ways to deliver.”

Many Asmar garments are also certified free of harmful substances while the cashmere used by Asmar Equestrian is sustainably sourced from traceable regions of Mongolia, and monitored by government to preserve the landscape.

“We don’t believe in ‘good enough’. We’re always looking for ways to do better, better serve our customers and clients, and take better care of the planet, and each other. It’s what we do.”


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