Global travel & wellness trend: nighttime wellness

nighttime wellness

With rising temperatures and a younger generation eschewing alcohol and bars, nighttime wellness is on the rise.

Wellness is becoming a nighttime pursuit with more consumers around the world seeking out healthy and engaging activities. 

The Global Wellness Institute listed nighttime wellness among its top trends for 2024 stating, “In a world becoming unbearably hot, and with younger gens ditching booze and bars for healthy social destinations, after-dark wellness experiences are rising: from stargazing and full-moon meditation at resorts to a wave of urban social bathhouses that are the ‘hot new party scene’” 

There has been a surge in stargazing experiences and nighttime programming at resorts, including meditation, thermal bathing, guided walks, and aquatic activities. Plus, states the GWI report, social bathhouses and wellness social clubs are hosting events like  late night group ice plunges and social saunas with DJs and dance parties.

Cooler evenings are a compelling time for wellness activities

One reason hotels and resorts are embracing the idea is that the rising temperatures in warmer locations make the cooler evening hours a compelling time for activities and the hotter afternoons a good time to reinstate the classic siesta.

Examples include full moon yoga classes at Four Seasons Bali at Sayan, where practitioners, “Bathe in moonlight and harness the uplifting force of the universe,” and “Balance the masculine energy of the sun with a lunar vibe under the starry skies.” 

The resort also offers a Night Spa Ritual: 

“(A) pre-sleep ritual under the stars in a private river-front location. A 90-minute warm river stone massage using long rhythmic strokes is followed by a crystal healing facial with a marma point massage to stimulate the free-flow of facial energy. Rose and sandalwood oils reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation, so you awaken the next morning with radiant skin and a feeling of pure bliss.”

Contemplating the vastness of the universe

Astrotourism and stargazing experiences are also rising in popularity as travelers seek meaningful and grounding experiences. An October 2023 Vogue article notes the emerging wellness trend of star bathing – appreciating the night sky in a technology-free environment. Proponents say stargazing offers mental health benefits like stress relief and enhanced mindfulness by connecting people with the vastness of the universe.

One example is Castle Hot Springs, where, on select dates, guests can gaze at the star-studded night sky with a guided astronomer through a powerful telescope presentation in a reclusive dark sky canyon. One can also “take it to the next level and immerse into a celestial experience by floating in natural hot springs surrounded by the surreal glow of the Sonoran Desert.” GWI’s report also lists Mii Amo in Sedona, Arizona’s 2.5-hour Hiking Under the Stars program, which leads guests under the dark sky and features a mid-hike “canyon bathing” meditation.

The party is moving into the sauna and bathhouse

Social bathhouses, meanwhile, are reportedly becoming the hot new urban nightspots as the younger generation eschews boozy bars. These include Bathhouse Flatiron in Manhattan, featuring a coed sauna that seats nearly 100 people and hosts sauna aufguss shows; and Othership, with two Toronto locations and one pending in NYC, also in the Flatiron district. Othership also hosts aufguss, as well as other events like group ice baths.  

Spas staying open later

Travel + Leisure has noted that more spas are offering evening and late night services due to popular demand. Eden Roc Cap Cana, for example, is keeping its cenote open into the evening hours. There is no limit to how late guests can reserve it and they can also book spa services as long as they give 24-hour notice.

“We found that activating in the cenote during the peaceful evening hours is a wonderful way for guests to have a different experience and one that can take place underneath the stars,” Spa and wellness director Nayra Llinás told the media outlet. 

The newly renovated spa at Four Seasons Washington DC is also introducing a unique “night spa” concept later this summer, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy private spa experiences after hours and create their own exclusive evening retreats. 

These programs can help luxury hotels and resorts accommodate travelers who may become reluctant to vacation in hotter locales as the world adapts to escalating temperatures. In the report A Sustainable Future for Travel, The Future Laboratory (via GWI) identifies “Chasing the Shade” as an emerging trend, and notes that locations with more temperate climes are emerging as popular destinations. 

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