Study finds more millennials are having cosmetic procedures

Nearly 40% of millennials have either undergone a cosmetic procedure or are considering a procedure in the next 12 months. This is according to a new study by ZALEA, which states that the results illustrate “a sizeable generational shift and openness to various cosmetic treatments and procedures compared to older generations.”

The study consisted of an equal distribution of male and female respondents with 65% between the ages of 18-24 most making less than $50K annually.

“By and large, this younger millennial generation appears to express much more willingness and less preconceptions about procedures,” ZALEA Co-founder Louis Scafuri is quoted as saying, “We believe that demand for cosmetic procedures will increase in both men and women throughout the lives of this generation and it’s become considerably more socially acceptable.”

The study also found that the respondents got most of their information on the topic from Google, followed by a physician. Friends and family came in third place, and then social media influencers as sources of related information. Fortunately, the factor with the biggest impact on the actual decision to undergo a procedure was the physician. Friends and family overtake Google here, which falls to third place, followed by social media.

And once the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure is made, survey respondents reported that their top two sources for recommendations on a provider are friends and family (75%) and a referral from another physician (65%).

The report points out the critical importance of making reliable information available if  people are going to be making decisions based on what they’re reading online.

As for which procedures millennials are most commonly having done, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery, botox tops the list for non surgical procedures, while breast augmentations come in first for surgical procedures.