Spa Executive, November 2019: People are amazing

Spa and wellness is going through a great evolution right now, and it feels like the speed at which this is happening keeps increasing. Technologies and ideas that were just recently in their infancy are suddenly maturing and taking on exciting new forms with the potential to change our world as we know it.

Take Noel Asmar’s sustainable spa uniforms made from recycled plastic that recently won an ISPA Innovate award. This simple but brilliant idea not only creates a solution to the waste problem, it brings sustainability to the forefront — something spa and wellness desperately needs to do. Asmar, who is in our Spa Executive Spotlight this month, has also launched her new Hospitality Lifecycle initiative, which provides hotels and spas with access to practical, cost-effective solutions to safely and securely dispose of used textiles. These are just a couple of examples of how sustainability initiatives are maturing.

In this issue of Spa Executive we also list our spa and wellness trend predictions for 2020. Among these you’ll find more examples of the sort of innovative thinking combined with scientific discovery, creativity, and technological advancement that make this such an exhilarating time for us. These include, but aren’t limited to, the use of psychobiotics to potentially revolutionize the way we see mental health; clothing that can monitor and improve our wellbeing; and more movement towards cleaning up our planet, holding businesses accountable, and demanding transparency.

Only time will tell if we were right in our trend forecasts, and in the meantime I’ll be content to be humbled and amazed by people’s ingenuity and curiosity.

I hope you’re similarly excited.

Roger Sholanki,
CEO, Book4Time


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