Dear Sal, what low or no cost extras can we offer to enhance the spa experience?

Sal Capizzi, Marketing Director at Book4Time and a former Director of Spa and Wellness at NEXUS Luxury Collection, shares his expert insight into your reader questions. 

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Q. Dear Sal,

What small, unique touches can we add onto services and spa treatments that don’t add much extra cost for us – and at no cost to the guest – that can help make the experience stand out and become more memorable? 

A. Hi there, this is a great question especially for a smaller style spa! There are several things you can do at little to no overhead for yourself and no cost to your guests. Start with the basics and look within. If you were to walk into your spa right now how would you want to be greeted? What would you want to smell and how would you want to walk away from your visit?

Let’s start with a warm greeting! Adding personalized or handwritten welcome notes for your guests and having them on the treatment table upon the guests arrival is a great way to express gratitude for their visit and setting a warm tone for their experience. This next one may be common knowledge but it has stood the test of time and little bit goes a long way! Introducing aromatherapy elements in treatment rooms by using essential oils or scented diffusers to create a calming and inviting atmosphere not to mention it will also address some of the concerns your guests are probably coming in for. 

Another way you can get the guests talking is by offering infused waters, herbal teas, or light refreshments in the relaxation area to hydrate and refresh guests before and after their treatments.

Now, I get it… you said low cost. Partner up with your vendors to send you more samples so that you can have guests leave with light goodie bags based on the treatment they received and offer them post service skincare samples. Provide guests with small samples of skincare products used during their treatments, allowing them to extend the spa experience at home (and also enticing them to make an actual retail purchase from your spa in the future.)

Remember, the key is to enhance the guest experience subtly and thoughtfully, creating a lasting impression without imposing significant costs. I hope these suggestions align with your commitment to providing exceptional service! 


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