SolTec: a transformational experience in a chair

Things we think are cool: The SolTec Lounge.

What is it? More than just a chair, the new SolTec lounge purports to be the seat of a transformational relaxation experience. Sounds nice, no?

Developed by neurologist Dan Cohen, the SolTec lounge emits vibrations, along with specifically designed layered, ambient music, and a “synchronized magnetic field” — all of which they claim works together to inhibit the stress response and produce “a profound state of relaxation.”

Guests, they say, drift between states of wakefulness and relaxed drowsiness, or even fall asleep, an in later sessions, “experience greater levels of awareness and deep physical, emotional and mental relaxation.”

Who doesn’t want to experience greater levels of awareness>

Typical sessions last 25 or 50 minutes and the company recommends regular, consistent use (several times a week or daily).

Soltec is available for spas, fitness clubs, homes, and more.



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