Top luxury travel trends of 2017

To coincide with hitting the halfway point in 2017 – yes, time flies – KWE Partners has released a list of what the PR firm is finding are the top six luxury travel trends so far this year. We found it worth looking at because of the heavy emphasis on personalization, wellness, as well as on giving back, and new and life changing experiences.

This seems to confirm what many in the hospitality and wellness space have been seeing and saying of late.

Top luxury travel trends of 2017:

Personalization and customization. This one echoes developments in just about every industry. KWE says, “A truly luxury experience is considered one where a resort finds out guests’ passions and special interests in advance of a stay and proactively suggests and plans activities and experiences that address those interests.”

Top luxury hotels and resorts take this to a whole new level, using guest information to create customized signature experiences.

Desire for authenticity. People are less interested in resort experiences that separate guests from local culture, and want instead to feel a part of their surroundings.

KWE says, “Everything from spa treatments and food to beverage, decor and selections in the hotel’s boutique should reflect the local culture and traditions, and give guests an opportunity to interact with that culture.”

Giving back to society. With so much access to information, it’s no longer possible to be blissfully unaware of our impact on our environment and the world. And people want to have a positive one. KWE points to sustainability and voluntourism program as examples of initiatives that are getting travelers jazzed these days.

Making travel easier, from airport arrival to airport departure. Hotels and resorts can counterbalance the frustration of often frustrating and exhausting air travel experiences by delivering a seamless and elevated service.

KWE says, “Think airport greeters; alliances with luggage shipment companies; personal shoppers to stock a hotel closet with clothes for a weekend getaway, eliminating the need to pack a suitcase; and a waiting lounge for hotel guests in the airport.”

Experiences and more experiences. People want to feel like they’re really living, and getting the most out of whatever they do, wherever they go. KWE says, “The more they involve interactivity and special access the better.”

Transformative travel. Mind and body transformative experiences, visits to spas, ashrams and temples – pilgrimages like the Camino de Santiago – meditation and yoga retreats, art camps. Travelers want to feel fundamentally changed by their experiences, that they’ve learned and grown.

It seems the time is still ripe to focus on customer experience and personalization, as well as how hotels, resorts, and spas can create epic, personal, and life changing journeys.


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