Why this is the most exciting time to be in the wellness business

We’re standing on the edge of a revolution.

Imagine your spa, salon, or wellness business being housed in a responsive, living building. Imagine guests coming into that space and having their genes edited and altered to remove Alzheimer’s disease, or certain cancers. Imagine virtually transporting those same guests to far off locations and sensory experiences without anyone physically leaving your space.

These are some of the things predicted by the experts we interviewed for our special report on the spa of the future. And Futurist Dr. James Canton says these developments are coming much sooner than we expect them.

According to Dr. Canton, it’s spa directors who should be leading this revolution.

In fact, we’re living in this future now, and our report reflects the changes we’ve already been seeing in the industry over the past few years.

Technology will continue to play an important role beyond booking appointments, guest intake, and checkout. Spas will have machines capable of running diagnostics, and soon, a guest’s genetic information and personal health data will automatically scan into a bot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to advise the therapist on how to provide the optimal guest experience.

I believe that this will all be made easier with greater advancements in cloud software technology that stores all that data securely, and streamlines the process of providing that life-changing guest experience. All this information gathering will lead government bodies to introduce more regulations and controls to ensure businesses that capture and use this data comply with the strictest privacy laws. Over the next few years we’ll see more regulations and HIPAA compliance requirements. Security will be of the utmost concern, and software will be the security guard that keeps everything under lock and key in this increasingly automated world.

In this report, we explore the roles Virtual Reality, wellness architecture, consumer genomics, and life extension will play in spas. The projected developments are exciting and amazing, and I feel privileged to be a part of this industry right now, when there is so much possibility.

This future is breathtaking and incredible. It’s an amazing time to be in spa and wellness.

Roger Sholanki

CEO, Book4Time


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