Study finds the most stressed out city in America

Are you convinced that you live in the most stressed out place in the world? Well, now you can at least check if it’s the most stressed out place in the USA.

WalletHub has released a list of 2017’s Most & Least Stressed Cities in America. To determine the most and least stressed out cities, analysts compared 150 cities across 30 key metrics broken down into four categories: work stress, financial stress, family stress, and health and safety stress. WalletHub says, “Our data set ranges from average weekly work hours to debt load to divorce and suicide rates.”

“When stress reaches an unmanageable level […] — that is, when it turns “chronic” — we become vulnerable to its damaging effects such as health problems and loss of productivity. In the U.S., stress affects more than 100 million people. The leading causes? Money tops the list, followed by work, family and relationships. By one estimate, workplace-related stress alone costs society more than $300 billion per year.”

Newark, NJ tops the list of most stressed out cities, followed by Detroit, MI, and Cleveland, OH. Jackson MS, and Miami, FL round out the top five.

The least stressed out city, meanwhile, is Fremont, CA. Fremont is followed by Plano, TX; Overland Parks, KS; Scottsdale, AZ; and Sioux Falls, SD.

Looking at isolated variables, Detroit was found to have the highest poverty rate, while Cleveland has the highest divorce rate.

Chronic stress is believed to be connected to health problems that include, but are not limited to, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and anxiety, and any number of chronic inflammation-related illnesses.

The highest number of people in fair-poor health were found in Corpus Christie, TX; El Paso, TX; Jackson MS; Riverside CA, and San Bernadino, CA. And the lowest number of people in fair-poor health were in San Jose, CA; San Francisco, CA; Oakland, CA; Fremont, CA; and Lincoln, NE.

Las Vegas, unsurprisingly, gets the least sleep, while St. Louis has the highest crime rate.

Massage, meditation, and relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises are all spa and wellness offerings that are used to combat chronic stress.

Here is WalletHub’s full list of American cities from most to least stressed out. For more details on the methodology, and more details of each city’s score and stress causes, see here.


1          Newark, NJ

2          Detroit, MI

3          Cleveland, OH

4          Jackson, MS

5          Miami, FL

6          Birmingham, AL

7          San Bernardino, CA

8          Rochester, NY

9          Augusta, GA

10        Shreveport, LA

11        Baltimore, MD

12        Las Vegas, NV

13        Richmond, VA

14        Memphis, TN

15        Mobile, AL

16        Cincinnati, OH

17        Montgomery, AL

18        Hialeah, FL

19        New Orleans, LA

20        Buffalo, NY

21        Baton Rouge, LA

22        Philadelphia, PA

23        Akron, OH

24        Chicago, IL

25        Norfolk, VA

26        Toledo, OH

27        Milwaukee, WI

28        Tulsa, OK

29        Fresno, CA

30         Fayetteville, NC

31        Houston, TX

32        St. Louis, MO

33        Springfield, MO

34        Columbus, GA

35        Orlando, FL

36        Los Angeles, CA

37        North Las Vegas, NV

38        Washington, DC

39        Stockton, CA

40        Long Beach, CA

41        Santa Ana, CA

42        Chattanooga, TN

43        Tampa, FL

44        Little Rock, AR

45        Indianapolis, IN

46        Providence, RI

47        Oxnard, CA

48        Kansas City, MO

49        New York, NY

50        Tucson, AZ

51        Tacoma, WA

52        Aurora, CO

53        Bakersfield, CA

54        Vancouver, WA

55        Newport News, VA

56        Glendale, AZ

57        Sacramento, CA

58        Phoenix, AZ

59        Knoxville, TN

60        Reno, NV

61        Denver, CO

62        Corpus Christi, TX

63        Huntsville, AL

64        Moreno Valley, CA

65        Yonkers, NY

66        Jacksonville, FL

67        Oakland, CA

68        Worcester, MA

69        Jersey City, NJ

70        Ontario, CA

71        Dallas, TX

71        Pittsburgh, PA

73        Fort Wayne, IN

74        Atlanta, GA

75        Laredo, TX

76        Wichita, KS

77        Spokane, WA

78        Anaheim, CA

79        Arlington, TX

80        Oceanside, CA

81        Oklahoma City, OK

82        Albuquerque, NM

83        Boston, MA

84        Columbus, OH

85        Riverside, CA

86        Fontana, CA

87        Henderson, NV

88        Nashville, TN

89        Portland, OR

90        Brownsville, TX

91        Lexington-Fayette, KY

92        Fort Worth, TX

93        Garden Grove, CA

94        Modesto, CA

95        Tallahassee, FL

96        Greensboro, NC

97        Aurora, IL

98        Chula Vista, CA

99        San Francisco, CA

100      Winston-Salem, NC

101      San Diego, CA

102      Grand Rapids, MI

103      Chesapeake, VA

104      Anchorage, AK

105      Garland, TX

106      St. Petersburg, FL

107      El Paso, TX

108      Fort Lauderdale, FL

109      St. Paul, MN

110      Colorado Springs, CO

111      Lubbock, TX

112      Louisville, KY

113      Des Moines, IA

114      Amarillo, TX

115      Santa Clarita, CA

116      Mesa, AZ

117      Virginia Beach, VA

118      Austin, TX

119      Seattle, WA

120      Omaha, NE

121      Minneapolis, MN

122      Durham, NC

123      San Antonio, TX

124      Tempe, AZ

125      Glendale, CA

126      Charlotte, NC

127      Irving, TX

128      Grand Prairie, TX

129      Raleigh, NC

130      Port St. Lucie, FL

131      Rancho Cucamonga, CA

132      Honolulu, HI

133      Salt Lake City, UT

134      Santa Rosa, CA

135      Lincoln, NE

136      Cape Coral, FL

137      Huntington Beach, CA

138      San Jose, CA

139      Pembroke Pines, FL

140      Chandler, AZ

141      Boise, ID

142      Madison, WI

142      Peoria, AZ

144      Gilbert, AZ

145      Irvine, CA

146      Sioux Falls, SD

147      Scottsdale, AZ

148      Overland Park, KS

149      Plano, TX

150      Fremont, CA

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