Featured Property: Aman Kyoto

The Aman Spa at Aman Kyoto is a sanctuary of calm where traditional onsen bathing delivers the purest forms of relaxation and healing.

Aman Kyoto is a serene retreat nestled in a secret garden at the foothills of Hidari Daimonji mountain in Kyoto’s Takagamine district – moments from Kyoto’s center and within walking distance of the famous Kinkaku-ji golden temple.

The resort, surrounded by whimsical stone pathways and moss-covered grounds, offers an intimate connection to nature and a rich cultural heritage. 

Aman Kyoto’s latticed guest rooms and suites are inspired by traditional ryokan inns, featuring minimalist designs that exist in harmony with the natural surroundings. Spacious and light-filled

Interiors are ingeniously crafted to foster peace, relaxation and contemplation. Guest rooms offer serene views of the gardens and forests, while the spacious Takagamine Suite and the secluded Washigamine Pavilion provide luxurious accommodations with traditional and modern amenities.

Dining options include the Living Pavilion by Aman, which serves innovative dishes with a “Land to Table” concept, created with locally sourced ingredients. Guests can enjoy traditional Kyoto-style cuisine, afternoon tea, and alfresco picnics. Taka-an restaurant offers a quintessentially Japanese culinary experience, with a kaiseki-style tasting menu that celebrates the artistry of Honami Koetsu. The tranquil atmosphere and meticulously prepared dishes make dining here a unique experience.

Aman Spa

The Aman Spa at Aman Kyoto is a sanctuary of calm. The natural spring water that flows near Aman Kyoto is central to the spa, where traditional onsen bathing facilities deliver the purest forms of relaxation and healing. Aman Kyoto promotes wellbeing through the integration of world-class treatments with deep relaxation. Bathing, breathing practice, Zazen meditation, shiatsu, acupuncture, reflexology and moxa are all part of the Aman Kyoto experience.

Aman Kyoto’s spa menu includes signature and bespoke treatments that incorporate local healing ingredients, including Kyoto green tea, Tamba Kuromame black soybeans, local sake and cold-pressed camellia oil.

Aman Kyoto Signature Treatments include

Aman Kyoto Signature Journey

This deeply relaxing Journey incorporates a range of full-body massage treatments using Japanese and local essential oils such as Kyoto Kitayama cedar, podocarpus, hinoki cypress, yuzu citrus, hakka mint, green tea, sakura cherry blossom, ginger, shiso and cold-pressed camellia oil. 

Azuki Scrub

A body polish using azuki powder and Kyoto natural silk cocoon soup. The scrub employs a silk towel made from newly woven cocoons.

Personalised Spa Journey

This journey begins with a consultation in which an Aman Spa therapist pinpoints your needs. Aman Spa products and locally sourced aromatherapy oils are then used across a diverse array of techniques – helping to guide you to exactly where you want to be.

Japanese Gold Leaf Facial

This holistic facial includes a soothing massage of the shoulders, neck and face. Natural ingredients penetrate deeply to cleanse, nourish and hydrate the skin. The treatment releases tension points on the scalp and face to improve circulation and tone facial muscles. The final touch is the application of a 24k gold mask to your face, neck and décolletage which provides mineral nutrition to your skin. A fine Japanese platinum mask can be added for additional mineral support.


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