Spa spotlight: Chablé, winner of the Prix Versailles award for architecture & design

In the heart of the Mayan forest, spread across 750 acres on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is Chablé Resort & Spa, offering a unique passage into a mystical world steeped in ancient heritage and wisdom.

Chablé is the recent recipient of the Prix Versailles award for Best Hotel in the World for Architecture and Design. It features 40 deluxe villas with private pools, and the crowning jewel of the private retreat is the incredible spa built beside a cenote, a natural cave formation believed to be sacred to the Mayans.

The resort is located just 25 minutes from the historic city of Mérida, providing swift access to nearby Mayan ruins, cenotes, and biosphere reserves, as well as some of the region’s best museums, art galleries and thriving colorful markets.

Chablé’s executive chef serves fine, organic, seasonal cuisine sourced directly from the on-site gardens. The chef is committed to using only the freshest ingredients to create wholesome, flavorful cuisine paired with traditional Mayan dishes.  The extensive wine cellar houses exclusive vintages and provides an intimate setting for romantic dinners, social gatherings, or a drink before dinner. The resort also features the largest private tequila collection in the world.

The spa at Chablé features nine treatment rooms, a steam room, a sauna, a salt cabin and a floatarium. The facility also offers warm and cold whirlpools, a water circuit with varying types of shower pressures, a relaxation area, and a pool.

Guests also enjoy access to the library, yoga/meditation room, and a juice and snack bar. A garden kitchen is available for those interested in learning about and preparing their own aromatherapy.

The curated selection of spa treatments incorporates traditional ritual elements and “advanced therapeutic modalities.” Signature spa rituals are offered around themes of “flow,” “balance,” and “inspire.” Three hour signature rituals are offered for each of the themes, and each  is accompanied by suggested activities along the areas of wellness, beauty, fitness and nutrition to support a unified, integrated, whole body experience.

Selected Spa Menu Highlights

The Fountain’s Flow Signature Ritual (3 hours)

The “Fountain of Youth,” as legend has it, is a spring that restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. Inspired by this famous fable, Chablé Spa offers an experience of true restoration and renewal. The Fountain’s Flow ritual draws the healing waters of the Cenote into the treatment for a full body, mind and soul revival. The experience begins with the Chablé Welcome Ritual, followed by the exclusive flotation experience for its tranquilizing effect. An herbal salt exfoliation renews the skin and a signature lymphatic flow massage helps to establish an internal healing rhythm. To end the treatment, the therapist will offer an aromatic anointment, uniting intellect with inspiration.

Life Balance Signature Ritual (3 hours)

The Signature Life Balance Ritual channels the Mayan understanding of the universe through therapies that integrate the whole being. Knowledge and practices provided by traditional cultures offer insight into maintaining inner balance and harmonizing with the external world. The contemporary mental, emotional and physical stressors that impact us on a daily basis are the canvas on which we construct or dilute our well-being. Drawing on traditional Mayan wisdom, this ritual focuses on calming the nervous system, purifying the body, and opening the emotional pathways to result in the inner tranquility necessary to live a life in balance. The experience begins with a Chablé Welcoming ceremony with Mayan ritual elements to balance the energies of the four corners of the Earth and orient our guest in time and space. This is followed by a skin-nourishing herbal salt scrub and volcanic clay wrap to encourage deep cleansing and release. The Chablé Precious Stone Massage helps release stagnant energy and promote grounded stability, while an anointment of the crown with aromatic oils brings about a calm awakening. The ritual concludes with a special Chablé closing oriented towards continuing the circle of life.

Song of Heaven Signature Ritual (3 hours)

The powerful energy and vibrations that are at play in creating health and wellbeing in the body are the same frequencies that work in Nature, helping the flowers to bloom, birds to sing, seeds to sprout and rain to fall. In this ritual we celebrate this connection to Nature’s divine wisdom and our position in the cosmos according to Mayan cosmogony. Nature possesses the innate wisdom to restore balance where balance has been lost, and we are equipped with the same wisdom. This unique treatment incorporates a variety of specialized vibrational therapies with tones, percussion and song to create energetic shifts, and a therapeutic Mayan rebirth massage to create profound shifting in the body. The treatment ends with an aromatic anointment and the Chablé Circle of Life Closing Ritual to seal and release. The philosopher Nietzsche once said “Song elevates our being and leads us to the good and the true” and this ritual will certainly have a lasting elevating effect.

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