Kohler Waters’ new menu features CBD massage and Virtual Reality pedicure

Kohler Waters spa menuKohler Waters Spa has revealed its 2019-2020 menu of services. The Forbes Five-Star spa’s annual menu features 17 new results-oriented offerings, many of which reflect global spa and wellness trends.

These include an increased use of technology, CBD-infused and holistic treatments, heightened personalization, and a focus on mindfulness and meditation.

Highlights from the new Kohler Waters menu include:

Hydro Rock: Kohler has added two hydrotherapy experiences: Hydro Rock and Tranquil Tides. “The skin-nourishing Hydro Rock treatment incorporates warm to cool transitions to increase blood flow, circulation and mindfulness. For easy mineral absorption, a Himalayan salt scrub removes toxins and inflammation from the body.”

Stressless CBD-Infused Massage: Using the popular cannabis compound cannabidiol, this massage penetrates deep into the skin “to relax the body and mind, relieving tight muscles, lessening anxiety and aiding chronic pain and inflammation.” The spa will also sell CBD tinctures, healing balms and oils, and hopes to introduce more CBD-infused treatments in the coming months with facials, pedicures and manicures.

Thai Massage: “This ancient, meditative and rhythmic massage employs yoga-centric stretching performed on a table to realign posture, increase flexibility, reduce pain and relieve stress.” To master this traditional practice, 50 of Kohler’s distinguished therapists participated in an intensive 27-hour Thai training certification.

Virtual Reality Pedicure: Combining a foot and leg exfoliation alongside a guided meditation using a virtual reality headset, this enhanced pedicure leads guests into a deep relaxation. Guests can further personalize with a selection of several virtual reality options to improve breathing and mindfulness.

The new menu will be available through early 2020 at the flagship Kohler Waters Spa in Kohler, Wisconsin, and other locations, including The Kohler Co. spa in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, opening in August 2019.

Garrett Mersberger, Director of wellness and Kohler Waters Spa at Kohler Co., and Chairman of the Board, International Spa Association, said in a statement, “We are pleased to unveil these first-time services, such as the Stressless CBD-Infused Massage, Virtual Reality Pedicure and Thai Massage, and look forward to developing more offerings in the future that integrate wellness insights.

“This menu reinforces Kohler’s continuous commitment to evolving our guests’ well-being journey through customized experiences that are at the forefront of industry trends.”


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