Shiseido’s Optune is an Internet of Things skincare system

shiseido optune
Shiseido Optune

Shiseido has released an Internet of Things (IoT) skincare service called “Optune” in Japan.

Optune, which launched this month, is an IoT personalized skincare system that can deliver the best real-time skincare formulas based on 80,000 “skincare patterns.”

The skincare technology system works with an iPhone app to collect and analyze different data sets at any moment. These include skin condition, which includes moisture, oil, pores, and texture; environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, and pollen; sleep data; and data input by users, like mood and menstrual cycle.

The original algorithm then provides optimal skincare suggestions fitting the current conditions.

“Skin conditions can vary each day due to external factors such as weather and fine particulates in the air, as well as internal factors including sleep, stress/mood, and menstrual cycle,” says the media release. The system allows users to learn about their changing skin condition in real time just by taking a picture of the skin with a smartphone camera. This data is stored together with skincare records.

Shiseido says Optune can also detect movement during sleep, identify the disruption of the users’ biological rhythm, and reflect results in the skincare solution provided the next day.

A beta version of Optune was released in March, 2018 to a limited audience. That version provided 1,000 skincare patterns, while the new Optune provides 80,000.

Bloomberg reports that, while the system is only available in Japan at the moment, it may expand into more markets.

The subscription service is Shiseido’s first and costs 10,000 yen (92 USD) per month.