It’s time to take spa manager training seriously

Roger-SholankiIt’s time to invest some serious energy into training our new spa managers. This is a sentiment echoed repeatedly by the top industry experts we feature in our pages.

The 20s are looking like an exciting decade for Spa & Wellness. Over the last decade we witnessed the incredible transformation of wellness into a global force of magnitude, and in 2017 the Global Wellness Institute reported that wellness had become a $4.2 trillion global industry, with 12.8% growth from 2015-2017. 

But with that growth comes a number of changes our businesses will have to make to keep up, one of these being an investment into training the leaders of tomorrow. Several people have talked about this lately, even suggesting that, if we don’t do something, there may be no one to run things a few years down the road. One commonly expressed concern is that there is a gap in the industry, where managers come from either a therapy background or a business background – rarely both – and are therefore lacking acumen in one of two key areas. In our spotlight interview this month, Emma Darby, COO of Resense, discussed this exact issue. Resense, she said, is addressing the challenge with a role-specific training program to bridge the knowledge gap between providing exceptional guest experiences and delivering commercial value.

What are the rest of us doing?

Good managers are the difference between success and failure, the difference between whether your business is profitable or not (Seven ways you’re missing out on revenue opportunities), and whether your team performs optimally or not (One way spa managers sabotage their team’s performance). 

As we move into the new year and the new decade, I expect we’ll see some amazing training initiatives, programs and ideas.

Roger Sholanki,
CEO, Book4Time Inc.

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