What makes a company the “best” place to work?

Roger-SholankiHilton was recently named the #1 best place to work by Fortune magazine. In an industry that struggles to attract and retain staff, spa and wellness leaders should be paying close attention to what Hilton is doing right.

It appears to be a lot — Hilton CEO, Chris Nassetta, has said that he is “obsessed” with taking care of his staff.

Among Hilton’s initiatives is one to upgrade all back-of-house staff areas to be as comfortable and welcoming as guest areas. Hilton also offers programs enabling employees to earn their GEDs and expand their skillsets, including the Hilton School of Wellness Spa Leader Onboarding Program, which is designed to help Hilton spa professionals thrive as business leaders. Hilton is also an advisory board member of We Care, the global self care initiative for massage therapists and spa directors.

Who better to talk about some of the amazing programs that are changing the face of hospitality leadership than Jessica Shea, Hilton’s Senior Director of Spa & Fitness Operations for the Americas? We spoke with her for this month’s Spotlight interview, and she offers some amazing insight into Hilton’s successes from which we can all learn.

“Massage therapists,” she points out, “are the backbone of the spa industry…. Yet, as the spa industry grows, the number of massage therapists continues to decline.”

Hilton is among those turning this around. Is it coincidence that Hilton’s stock is reportedly up 274% from its IPO price in 2013? Probably not. Looking after your team is good for business.

As far as obsessions go, taking care of your staff is a good one to have.

Roger Sholanki,
CEO, Book4Time Inc.