The future of spa & wellness is…

As the world emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown, spas and wellness businesses are beginning to open their doors to what many are calling a “new normal.” At Spa Executive we’re struggling a bit with what language to use to refer to the present and future. “Post COVID” doesn’t work, as we won’t be “post COVID” for quite some time to come. The same can be said for “post pandemic.” And at what point is the normal no longer “new,” and just “the normal”? We’ve been using the term “post lockdown,” but will stop using that soon. As far as business operations go, it will be helpful to stop thinking of the “now” as a temporary situation and realize that this is just the way things are – now and from now on. 

To help the industry navigate its way into this new reality, we gathered insight and advice from six industry leaders — or “Champions of Change” – on how spa and wellness professionals can make the transition easier for themselves and their guests, and about what they believe the future will look like. 

We would also like to point to a number of excellent resources available to help guide directors and managers and their teams through these new developments and to continue to offer the ultimate guest experience while maintaining safety protocols. These include a reopening toolkit from ISPA that was put together by a collective of industry experts, including four of our Champions of Change. 

Forbes Travel Guide has also released a list of Back-to-Work Best Practice Guidelines and a new virtual training program, and we spoke with FTG’s Senior VP of Ratings, Amanda Frasier, about how these can be used and their intended application. 

The future of Spa & Wellness is many things: bright, shifting, and integrative. We hope this helps you move towards it. 

The Spa Executive Team


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