Hyperice develops contactless massage treatments for spa industry

Contactless Massage

Hyperice’s new contactless massage experiences address new concerns for the spa and wellness industry.

As businesses begin to re-open, the spa and massage industries are looking for new ways to offer alternative treatment and services to guests. Some of these, ideally, would involve less contact for customers who are less comfortable with high-touch interaction. 

Hyperice, a recovery and performance technology brand that specializes in vibration, compression, and percussion devices, is finding ways to address these concerns and shift the spa experience to meet new sanitation standards.

To do this, Hyperice has paired its award-winning percussion technology with recently-acquired NormaTec’s dynamic pneumatic compression technology to create a Contactless Treatment. This touch-free massage experience will launch at several Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts spas. 

Contactless massage is “Safe, relaxing and effective”

Hyperice has three custom contactless experience treatments designed for relaxation and recovery, and to preserve the spirit and serenity of traditional treatment methods.

“Our spa and hospitality team has been working around the clock to develop innovative services that are safe, relaxing and effective in this environment,” Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice, said in a statement. “The feedback from our partners has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are delighted that Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels, a globally-respected brand representing luxury and innovation, is one of the first adopters of the Contactless Treatment.”

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is planning to launch the new Hyperice Contactless Treatments across several spas.

“I am excited to partner with Hyperice on the launch of the Contactless Spa Treatment Menu, for our Four Seasons spa guests in the Americas to enjoy massage treatments and other healing modalities,” said Michael Newcombe, Vice President of Spas for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. 

The new contactless treatments employ the Hypervolt percussion massage device, NormaTec PULSE PRO 2.0 Leg Recovery System, and the Venom heat vibration wrap from the Hyperice technology lines. 

Treatments are fully customizable and available as enhancements or standalones. The three treatments, according to a media release, are as follows: 

Relax: Described as a gentle full body percussion massage sweep followed by “an extensive circulatory flush to reduce inflammation and complete renewal.”

Revive: Said to repair and re-energize with a dynamic air compression flush “to increase lymphatic flow and promote healing.” This experience also features “a full body percussion massage sweep designed to ignite circulation.”

Recover: Designed to increase range of motion and improve tissue condition, this treatment includes a full-body percussion massage with targeted treatment zones of increased pressure, followed with a “customizable recovery flush to address pain points.”

Hyperice also provides sanitation protocols and suggested guidelines to properly clean the equipment before and after use. Spas and hotels should also review state and local guidelines.


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