How to optimize your gift card sales this holiday season

spa gift cards sales

Spa gift cards and gift certificates are a great way to increase revenue and attract customers. Use these tips to optimize your gift card sales this holiday season.

Is your hospitality business prepared for the 2020 holiday season? We’ve been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, but holiday season gift cards and gift certificates are a great way to recapture some of that lost revenue and keep facilities occupied into the new year. 

Gift cards are an easy way to give friends and family what they really want, and are a good alternative to crowded in-store shopping and added shipping hassles of shopping online during a time when people want to avoid going into stores. 

Digital Commerce 360 reports that U.S. retailers sold 114% more digital gift cards in the third quarter of 2020 compared with Q3 2019, and revenue from selling digital gift cards increased 65% year over year in Q3. That data doesn’t even include Amazon gift cards or multi-store gift cards. Research also found that more than half (54%) of consumers would prefer to receive gift cards this holiday season.

People will likely be buying cards from local spa and hospitality businesses instead of travelling this year, and corporations will also  be purchasing gift cards for their employees.

Gift cards and certificates help increase brand awareness, attract new customers, retain existing customers, and boost retail sales. Here are some suggestions for how to optimize your gift card and gift certificate sales this holiday season:

Create compelling promotions 

Reward the buyer with something they can use themselves, add to the existing gift, or give to someone else. Include a product or discounted service with card and certificate purchases. Come up with your own wonderful ideas. 

Get creative and unique with your offerings

Now, more than ever, is the time to be inventive and original. What,  beyond the massage, body treatment, and facial, can you offer to entice and delight customers and drive them to purchase gift cards? Many people are not getting in-person spa services at the moment, so be clear that those are not the only things one can do with a gift card purchase. Put amazing retail packages together to create the spa experience at home, and add a Zoom or Google Meet skincare session with a facialist, for example. ISPA Vice Chair, Michelle Adams-Somerville recently told Spa Executive that people are talking about renting out unused areas, like fitness rooms or steam rooms to small, private groups, for additional revenue streams. Can you promote the idea of renting out one of your spaces to a small bubble of people? 

Promote your gift cards & gift certificates

Blast the information out to your followers and customers. Tell your customers about your cards and certificates, and post about them on your website and social media accounts. Send out an email. 

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