Jennifer Lynn of Resorts World Las Vegas on sustainability and new technology

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Jennifer Lynn, Spa Director at Resorts World Las Vegas, encourages all hospitality leaders to launch at least one sustainability initiative. “The impact is like a ripple in the pond.”

Resorts World Las Vegas, the first resort built on the Las Vegas Strip in over a decade, officially opened its doors on June 24, 2021.

The US$4.3 billion property features 3,500 guestrooms and suites across three of Hilton’s premium hotel brands; Las Vegas Hilton, Conrad Las Vegas, and Crockfords Las Vegas. The resort campus also features an innovative, next-generation gaming floor; more than 40 world-class food and beverage options; nightlife venues; an extensive retail collection curated with a wide spectrum of internationally known brands; and more.

Across these hotels, the property takes use of technology to new levels with a contactless arrival experience using mobile check-in and digital key via the Hilton Honors app, an AI-powered digital concierge named Red, and the most innovative casino technology.

A 5,000-capacity concert and entertainment venue is set to showcase superstar entertainment partners with exclusive engagements by Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan beginning this November.

Additional amenities include a 5.5-acre pool complex featuring five unique pool experiences, including the only infinity-edge pool on the Strip. Additionally, in fall, 2021, the resort will debut a spectacular 27,000-square-foot, world-class spa experience with 19 treatment rooms.

At the helm of the spa’s opening is Jennifer Lynn, an inspiring spa and wellness leader with 25 years of experience in luxury brand development and a passion for hospitality, luxury service, and sustainability. We spoke with Ms. Lynn about sustainability, guest experience, and new technology.

Can you please talk about your career trajectory and how you came to be doing what you are today?

Being born and raised in Las Vegas, I was fascinated with the wondrous world of hospitality and entertainment that supported my unusual city. My career started as a group exercise instructor, and through some savvy networking and lots of motivation, I started crafting my “lifestyle” spa career. Spa was a burgeoning industry when I got started and after spending a few years opening and operating spas, I also consulted on new spa developments and eventually got back into operations with the openings of the spas at Caesars Palace, Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas and now Resorts World Las Vegas. 

What can you tell us about the spa, specifically?

We have designed one of the most innovative spa programs in the market. By tapping into experts of hydrothermal bathing from around the world, we have developed spa experiences that honor the rich history and culture of spa while bringing a modern twist and a Vegas element to these unique, first in the US spa experiences. 

What does your role entail? How many people do you oversee?

As the pre-opening director of spa and fitness, I am diligently working on the critical path to opening the spa in the fall. My responsibilities include brand development for the spa, design and construction project management for the space, system implementation (including Book4Time), building a zero-based budget, and recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a champion team of 70 passionate spa professionals. 

You are involved in sustainability initiatives. Why is this important?

Thank you for asking this question, it makes my sustainable heart smile. I am a passionate advocate of sustainable practices in hospitality. We have a great responsibility as travel leaders to shape the way people travel. As operators, we can prompt consumer actions and influence sustainable behaviors that help reduce our environmental impact. I encourage all hospitality leaders to launch at least one sustainability initiative – the impact is like a ripple in the pond and has a profound effect. 

What makes a great guest experience? 

A great guest experience is about invoking emotions and creating a positive memory. Some of my most memorable spa moments had a strong sense of place, along with anticipatory and genuine service that tantalized my senses. Beautifully appointed, strategically designed and well-maintained spaces, memorable essences in the treatment room products and throughout the spa delivered by genuine wellness professionals. Simply stated, but not so easy! 

Can you outline some of the technologies Resorts World will have? How will the resort and spa be using technology in new ways? 

Resorts World Las Vegas is being built on the foundation of technology. In every aspect of the resort, we have introduced new technology and have rethought the way we interact with our coworkers, engage our guests and reduce our use of manual systems. Being the first resort to be built on the Strip in more than a decade, we have a natural advantage to create the most technologically advanced resort experience in Las Vegas, simply because today’s technology didn’t exist ten years ago. For example, Resorts World Las Vegas will use mobile check in and digital key, making the customer experience as seamless and comfortable as possible.

What are some of the challenges the industry will face in the near future? And do you have a solution?

Given the explosive growth and consumer interest in health and wellness, we have already started to see some challenges arise within our industry. As the industry expands, we need our staff to keep up with the constant changes and remain knowledgeable on current trends. My suggestion is to get involved in the community, mentor a colleague or student, speak at a trade school or support the spa and wellness community by getting actively engaged in an association. 

What are some of the industry trends or developments you’re excited about?

Witnessing the spa industry evolve, I am elated by the fact that our industry is pressing into the wellness segment more and more each year. It has been great to see more industry professionals embracing holistic healing practices from meditation to nutrition, workout recovery and beauty tools. Technology has been a supportive driver of this evolution by creating greater consumer awareness, accessibility and online communities.


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