Featured property: Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Carillon Miami

Carillon Miami houses the largest spa on the Eastern Seaboard, offering fitness, health and wellness services for relaxation and advanced healing.

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort sits along the white sand shores of Miami Beach, inviting guests to enjoy a world-class luxury travel and wellness experience in a breathtaking setting. The resort is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World and ranked in the 2021 Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards and Conde Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

Carillon features 150 one- and two-bedroom luxury apartments with full living room, kitchen and spa-like bathroom for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Dining options include the oceanfront restaurant, The Strand, which serves fresh, locally sourced, cuisine led by Executive Chef Rosario Corrao, as well as The Seaglass Café, The Corner Store, and in-suite dining.

An array of recreational activities is available with access to daily fitness classes, a two-story indoor rock wall, 750 linear feet of beachfront, and four pools located throughout the property.

The Spa at Carillon Miami

Carillon Miami is home to the largest spa on the Eastern Seaboard (70,000 sq. ft.) with a wide range of facilities and spa, fitness, health and wellness services for relaxation and advanced healing supported by a team of gifted practitioners and Board-Certified physicians. The unique spa experience brings together the latest innovations and technology in luxury skin care, anti-aging,  natural beauty, and restorative rituals from around the world.

The biostation at Carillon Miama Wellness Resort

Highlights of the Carillon Miami wellness experience include:

THE BIOSTATION AT CARILLON MIAMI: “Cutting-edge therapies that prevent and reverse the impacts of aging on the body,” led by biostation’s medical director, Dr. Martin G. Bloom, MD.

ADVANCED HOLISTIC CENTER – A “personalized and integrative approach to

Traditional Chinese Medicine” with DR. Irinia Logman.

Emotional & Relationship Health – Couples coaching, sex therapy, and psychotherapy practices to support a “journey to finding the right path to healthy love” with Dr. Carolina Pataky.

The spa houses an entirely touchless wellness division. Partnering with wellness technology companies around the world, the touchless division features a selection of cutting-edge therapies to address a range of health and wellness concerns, like muscle recovery, PTSD and stress management, and more.

Vemi Suite

These treatments use cutting edge technology said to bring “a range of health benefits such as rapid recovery, weight loss, relaxation and rejuvenation.”

The touchless menu first launched in 2020 to help visitors and resort members feel more comfortable returning to the spa during the coronavirus pandemic. Over the next year, a significant portion of the resort’s spa revenue came from touchless wellness services, showcasing the pent-up demand for personalized wellness and health-centric experiences. So, in 2022 Carillon Miami added six more touchless wellness services. According to a Luxury Travel Magazine, these are:

Prism Light Pod

Recharge Wave Mat powered by StimaWELL North America: “Relax, relieve, and reinvigorate neck, back, and shoulder pain with mid-frequency electrostimulation and heat therapy from the Recharge Wave Mat. The patented system’s stimulation mat features integrated channels to deliver dynamic waves of stimulation that enable intense muscle training, with light electrical bursts systematically targeting the full spine or other areas of the back for instant relief. This FDA approved therapy is the future of neck and back pain relief.”

BallancerPro: “Suit up and slim down with BallancerPro, an FDA-cleared lymphatic drainage suit known as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of its genre, designed to boost wellness and the immune system, relax the body, reduce water weight, improve tone, detoxify, and speed recovery from workouts. Choose options for the upper or lower body to help flush lymphatic fluid from the body.”

Soli-Lite: “Shine a light on healthy, glowing skin with Soli-Lite, an LED photobiomodulation system for the treatment of skin concerns from acne and wrinkles to dark rings and aging skin. With available light settings including yellow, red, near-infrared, and blue, Soli-Lite can also be used to enhance and extend the benefits of treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion, or to speed up healing time for invasive procedures like surgical lifts, deep peeling, and laser resurfacing.”

Dermashape (Contactless): “Shape, sculpt, and bid stored fat and toxins adieu with Dermashape, a non-invasive lymphatic treatment that uses a special heating pad to soothe and warm the body, followed by suction technology to release stagnant lymph fluid, break up fat congestion, and increase volume of lymph flow by up to 20 times. It’s great for enhancing the lymphatic system’s ability to remove toxins and infectious material, reduce water retention, and improve skin texture and appearance while reshaping the body.”

HIEMT Body Shape: “Get the same sculpting of a 30-minute workout with no sweat with HIEMT Body Shape (HBS), which utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic field technology for short-term bursts of strong muscle contraction at a distinctly revolutionary pace. Result? An average increase in muscle density of 16%, reduction in fat by 19%, and improved clarity and tone.”

NuCalm: “Stop stress before it picks up steam with NuCalm, the world’s only patented technology for interrupting stress at the midbrain to achieve optimal brain and body recovery. Settle in with a NuCalm Light-Blocking Eye Mask, a NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc at the wrist, and headphones with soothing binaural signal processes to ease the brain and body’s sympathetic nervous system out of ‘fight-or-flight’ mode and allow the parasympathetic nervous ‘rest-and-digest’ system to take over, with benefits from deeper sleep and improved performance.”


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