Yon-Ka Paris: elevating the art of skincare led by new CEO, Antoine Lamarche

We spoke with Antoine Lamarche, new CEO of Yon-Ka Paris, about his new role and exciting plans for the brand.

Yon-Ka Paris is a renowned global skincare brand distinguished by its deep-rooted French heritage, use of natural ingredients, professional expertise, holistic approach, personalized solutions, and luxurious indulgence. These attributes have captivated customers who seek effective skincare solutions intertwined with opulence for their ultimate self-care experience.

Established in 1954, Yon-Ka Paris prides itself on a legacy forged through decades of expertise. The brand’s unwavering dedication to quality and time-tested formulations has cemented its esteemed reputation.

Harnessing the bounties of nature, Yon-Ka Paris meticulously sources the finest natural and botanical ingredients from across the world. By combining essential oils, plant extracts, and pure botanicals, they achieve unrivaled purity and efficacy in their products.

Yon-Ka Paris embraces a holistic approach to skincare, nurturing the well-being of not just the skin, but also the mind and spirit. Through the arts of aromatherapy and phytotherapy, their products infuse essential oils and plant extracts to create a unique sensorial experience that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. For Yon-Ka Paris’s team of esteemed scientists, dermatologists, and aestheticians, skincare is a science as they work to develop cutting-edge products backed by advanced research and technology, delivering visible results that inspire confidence.

It was recently announced that Antoine Lamarche would assume the role of CEO at Multaler Group, the parent company of Yon-Ka Paris, bringing with him the extensive managerial experience to elevate Yon-Ka Spa partners and the brand to unprecedented heights on a global scale.

“As an agent of change, we’re thrilled to have him on board to infuse the energy we need to move forward as a united company! As a proud family-owned business, I have full confidence that he will unite our teams to achieve our growth objectives while staying true to our core Yon-Ka values and unwavering commitment to excellence.” Catherine Mühlethaler, Owner of Multaler Group, said in a statement. 

This appointment follows Lamarche’s successful tenure as regional General Manager of Yon-Ka Paris USA. Since 2019, he has spearheaded the brand’s expansion, played a pivotal role in refining its image, and driven significant sales growth.

With his demonstrated track record as a dynamic leader, Lamarche is primed to steer the brand towards even greater growth and reinforce its presence worldwide.

We spoke with Antoine Lamarche about his new role and exciting plans for Yon-Ka Paris.

Please talk about your new role. 

I’m thrilled to join Multaler Group as CEO, leading the senior leadership team. My focus is to enhance Yon-Ka’s position as a top professional-grade skincare line and expand its global digital reach.

Working closely with the Mühlethaler family, I aim to drive global growth and foster unity within the company. As the CEO of a proud family-owned business, I believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration. Together, we will propel Yon-Ka forward, staying true to our core values and commitment to excellence.

My primary objectives are to strengthen Yon-Ka’s professional skincare legacy and establish it as a leader in the natural skincare space.  I’m also dedicated to driving brand awareness and accelerating our digital transformation. The Multaler Group’s reputation for innovation, manufacturing capabilities, and sustainable practices in the spa industry provides a dynamic environment where transparency, agility, and cross-functional collaboration are key.

I’m excited to partner with Alexis Wolkowinski, Owner and President of Multaler Group, Catherine Mühlethaler, owner and deputy CEO of Multaler Group, and the entire team as we continue our journey of excellence and build a successful future. Together, we will seize new opportunities and shape the next chapter of Yon-Ka’s remarkable legacy.  

What are your plans for driving brand awareness?

Our strategy revolves around enhancing brand visibility through strategic communication initiatives, building credibility with our esteemed ambassadors from within the spa, and cultivating a devoted customer base for our skincare brand. Furthermore, we aim to forge strong partnerships and collaborations with wellness-oriented brands that align with our core values.

Why is digital transformation important and how are you planning on driving this?

Yon-Ka Paris recognizes the criticality of accelerating its digital transformation to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. We are committed to continuously establishing a strong online presence through strategic digital and influencer marketing investments. Additionally, we fully embrace the growth opportunities our E-commerce platform and global e-commerce partners offer.

Can you talk about Yon-Ka’s values and why these things matter to brand identity?

Yon-Ka Paris is deeply rooted in two core values: excellence and authenticity. These values drive the brand’s commitment to providing exceptional skincare solutions and maintaining a strong sense of integrity.

Yon-Ka Paris sets high standards of excellence in every aspect of its operations. From the meticulous selection of natural ingredients to the development of cutting-edge skincare formulations, the brand strives for excellence. Yon-Ka Paris goes above and beyond to ensure that its products deliver outstanding efficacy, optimal performance, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. The brand’s unwavering pursuit of excellence ensures that customers can trust in the quality and effectiveness of Yon-Ka Paris skincare.

Yon-Ka Paris also values authenticity as a cornerstone of its identity. The brand remains loyal to its heritage and its original vision and core principles. Yon-Ka Paris believes in maintaining the highest integrity, transparency, and honesty standards in all its dealings. By embracing authenticity, the brand ensures that its customers can rely on Yon-Ka Paris for genuine and trustworthy skincare solutions. This commitment to authenticity builds trust and fosters long-lasting relationships with customers.

Can you talk about aromachology and how it is applied with your products?

Yon-Ka Paris incorporates aromachology, the science of aromas and their impact on human emotions and behavior, into its products. This integration establishes a harmonious connection between the mind, body, and skin, offering customers a sensorial journey that promotes relaxation, balance, and overall well-being.

Through aromachology, Yon-Ka products transcend traditional skincare, providing a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. The carefully selected aromatic essences work synergistically with other active ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of the products while creating a heightened sensory experience

Through the power of aromachology, Yon-Ka Paris strives to create a multisensory skincare experience that addresses specific skin concerns and promotes a sense of relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner harmony. This commitment to holistic wellbeing sets Yon-Ka products apart and contributes to their effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Can you please talk more about the multisensory experience?

Yon-Ka products are designed to provide a multisensory experience by engaging multiple senses such as touch and smell. This approach aims to enhance the overall enjoyment and effectiveness of the skincare routine. Here’s how Yon-Ka creates a multisensory experience and why it is important:

Texture and Touch: Yon-Ka formulates its products with luxurious textures that feel pleasant on the skin. Whether it’s a rich cream, a lightweight serum, or a refreshing mist, the products are carefully crafted to provide a tactile sensation that indulges the sense of touch. This tactile experience contributes to a feeling of comfort and pampering during skincare application.

Aromatherapy: Yon-Ka incorporates aromatherapy into its products, using carefully selected essential oils.  The natural fragrances not only provide a pleasant scent but also have therapeutic benefits. They create a sensory experience that can evoke emotions, enhance relaxation, and uplift the mood. The power of scent can contribute to a sense of well-being and enhance the overall enjoyment of the skincare routine.

Self-Care Ritual: The multisensory experience offered by Yon-Ka products transforms skincare into a self-care ritual. By engaging multiple senses, it encourages individuals to slow down, be present in the moment, and enjoy the process of taking care of their skin. This mindful approach to skincare enhances relaxation, reduces stress, and promotes a sense of well-being.

What are you most excited about for the foreseeable future?

Yon-Ka Paris’s commitment to excellence, authenticity, and holistic skincare suggests an exciting future filled with innovative products, customer-centric approaches, and sustainable practices.

Yon-Ka Paris will continue to innovate its formulations by incorporating advanced technologies and scientific research. Plus, with growing awareness about sustainability, Yon-Ka Paris will focus on further integrating eco-friendly practices into the brand. This includes embracing sustainable sourcing of ingredients, reducing packaging waste, and implementing recycling programs.

Yon-Ka Paris also aims to expand its presence into new markets and regions, providing more customers worldwide with the opportunity to experience its high-quality skincare products. This expansion may involve collaborations with local spas, wellness centers, or retail partners, thereby increasing brand awareness and accessibility globally.


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