Partner spotlight: HAPI: streamlining data management in the hospitality industry

With Hapi & Book4Time it’s easy to keep track of guest experiences, make personalized recommendations, and drive targeted marketing campaigns.

Most people are familiar with the swift and efficient experience of self-service check-in kiosks at airports. A process that allows you to scan your passport, check in your family, change seats, upgrade your booking, and more, with just a few taps. This convenience, underpinned by a vast web of data exchanges, can mean that your only human interaction at the airport is the security agent. Can such streamlined integration be applied to the hotel industry? Enter HAPI.

Introducing HAPI – a game changer for the hotel industry

HAPI, standing for Hospitality API, is a disruptive data streaming integration and enrichment platform. Conceived to address the hotel industry’s burgeoning data management challenges, HAPI is a solution to the high integration costs and vendor misalignment stifling innovation in hospitality.

Steered by hotel tech visionaries from its base in Orlando, Florida, HAPI operates on a secure, cloud-based platform. It’s grounded in an open model, leveraging technology that powers major global social media and business platforms.

When HAPI was founded in 2017, it was with the goal to help hotel companies adopt the innovative technologies of tomorrow. The hurdle was the absence of readily accessible data. Just as millions of data points enable the smooth airport check-in, HAPI set its sights on becoming the hotel industry’s primary data connector. Their vision is to propel innovation by ensuring data is not only available but also actionable.

Broken data chains & the HAPI solution

Growth today is inextricably tied to connected data. But the hospitality sector has traditionally struggled with an absence of a unified data model. Diverse data feeds such as API streams, transactional APIs, or report schedules come in many forms and there is no one system that can handle all these different feeds. In order for these feeds to communicate with each other, they all must use a consistent language, known as “data normalization.” 

While many firms resort to point-to-point integrations, these connections often fall short. They’re expensive, limited, and may not deliver the desired outcomes.

Picture this:



The image above portrays various data systems in a hotel, each symbolizing a unique data silo. From guest management systems, mobile apps, to spa and restaurant management systems, the disconnect is evident. This fragmentation only intensifies at higher organizational levels.

HAPI is the antidote, fostering communication amongst these scattered data points. With the HAPI Integration Platform, a cloud-based integration hub, hotel systems globally can communicate coherently and at scale.

Additionally, the HAPI Data Platform, anchored on Amazon Web Services (AWS), offers companies a scalable solution to manage and store data from numerous hotels securely.

Meanwhile, Hapi Guest for Salesforce, empowers hoteliers with a tailored CRM solution on the world’s #1 CRM platform.

HAPI’s global footprint 

Today, over 6,500 hotels worldwide, including brands like IHG, Hyatt, and Sonesta trust HAPI to harmonize their data streams and drive innovation.



Hapi & Book4Time in action

Using the Hapi Integration Platform, appointments booked in Book4Time are recorded in Hapi Guest for Salesforce as a Guest Activity, making it easier for hoteliers to keep track of guest experiences, make personalized recommendations, and drive targeted marketing campaigns.

A Guest Activity is an itinerary record that gets tied to the Guest Profile and optionally, a hotel reservation, allowing hoteliers to identify guest footprints across departments and forecast future revenue based on guests habits.

Hapi Guest customers can then use the Guest Activity, pulled from Book4Time, to: 

  • Sync data to Marketing Cloud to build email audiences and power targeted campaigns.
  • Power visual dashboards in Salesforce with the Guest Activity data set for performance reporting.
  • Offer a Guest Activity API endpoint for web and mobile sites to access for Customer portals.
  • Book and Show Activity data in Hapi Guest Focus, Hapi’s new front desk employee app.

As the digital age propels the hospitality sector forward, HAPI is a pivotal tool in harnessing data for an unparalleled guest experience, setting a new standard for the future.

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