2024 Spa & Wellness Trend: wellness travel & innovative approaches

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It’s time to look a the trends and developments that will rock the spa & wellness industry in 2024. Here’s one in our series and stay tuned for our upcoming guide: 7 SPA & WELLNESS TRENDS FOR 2024: A HOSPITALITY HANDBOOK

Wellness travel is still growing in popularity as people seek ways to disconnect from everyday stressors and prioritize health and wellbeing during their trips​​. 

The trend of wellness travel is expected to continue its upward trajectory into 2024, driven by the evolving needs and priorities of consumers. According to multiple sources, travelers are increasingly seeking ways to disconnect from everyday stressors, like economic uncertainty and global turmoil, and prioritize their health and wellbeing during their trips​​. 

94% of affluent travelers are incorporating wellness and self-care into their trips

GlobalData reports that global inbound spending in the health and wellness sector is growing significantly, while Travel Week states that 94% of affluent travelers are incorporating wellness and self-care into their trips.

Hilton’s most recent annual trends report also shows an upward trajectory. In a recent interview with Spa Executive, Amanda Al-Masri, the company’s Vice President of Wellness told us, “According to our 2023 Trends Report, half of travelers seek travel experiences that align with their wellness goals and priorities. For that reason, we can be sure that there is significant and ever-increasing opportunity to win with customers in a global hospitality wellness marketplace. Historically, hospitality wellness was grounded in spa and fitness experiences, and while we absolutely plan to build on our existing strengths in these areas, we see this as table stakes.”

The report states that among the wellness focused travel trends in 2024 will be quality sleep, connectivity and personalization, and culture and experiences.

A rise in retreats & wellness programs catering to the health-focused traveler

Per Me Time Away, some are finding solace in seeking out off-grid, less crowded destinations that promote leisure, wellness, and meaningful experiences, with people valuing the journey as much as the destination itself​. And DC Global Talent states: “We are seeing a rise in retreats, wellness programs, and hotel amenities that cater to the continuously health-focused traveler.”

Wellness travel in 2024 will encompass a wide variety of experiences, as hotels and resorts, as we have seen over recent years, are increasing their offerings of related services and amenities including spas, fitness centers, thermal baths, reiki, yoga, and meditation sessions. Innovative and creative programs, ranging from equine therapy, oceanside cabanas, and cacao ceremonies to “constellation-inspired programs” are curated to provide relaxation and rejuvenation.

Innovation, technology, biohacking, and more

Spa trends are also evolving to meet the wellness demands of travelers and many are showing innovation and creativity. Tammy Pahel, Vice President of Spa & Operations at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, recently listed some of her future spa trend predictions with Luxury Travel Magazine. These include combining traditional spa treatments with modern technology, focusing on mental wellness, leveraging data to cater to specific wellness requests, and emphasizing nutrition. Carillon, for example, offers touchless treatments like sound therapies and zero-gravity stress reduction alongside traditional treatments like facials and massages. 

Meanwhile, the Spa at Four Seasons Toronto began offering biohacking services when it launched its Wellness & Bio Bar in spring 2023, providing guests with curated, “scientifically proven evidence-based treatments” including LPG Endermologie, celluma light therapy, and hypnosis sessions.

Wellness travel in 2024 is poised to offer sanctuary for travelers and continues to be a top priority. The sector is likely to see further expansion, enriching the travel sector with innovative and transformative experiences.

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