Book4Time partner spotlight: Nonius Hospitality Technology

Book4Time + Nonius Hospitality Technology, a collaboration that marks a significant advancement in creating a more integrated, seamless, and satisfying digital journey for guests worldwide.

Nonius, a leader in guest technology solutions, offers a comprehensive suite for a contactless digital guest journey. With 18 years of expertise, 16 global offices, and a 98% customer retention rate, Nonius caters to over 150 million guests annually across various hospitality sectors. Solutions are tailored for quick global deployment, serving over half a million rooms worldwide, in the most renowned hotel chains, iconic independent hotels, outdoor lodging, apartments, co-living spaces, healthcare, maritime, sport, and leisure facilities.

The company’s cloud-based, turnkey solutions are widely used by major industry players like Accor, Four Seasons, Belmond, and OMNI, and focus on enhancing guest experience and operational efficiency. These include a guest-friendly mobile app, reliable internet access, cost-effective digital signage, a robust on-premise voice solution, and a unified cloud API.

Nonius + Book4Time

Nonius Mobile’s Activities Booking feature streamlines the booking process for guests and staff, boosting revenue, and enhancing the overall experience. Nonius has integrated this feature with Book4Time, a global leader in ancillary revenue and spa management software for the hospitality industry. 

With just a few taps, guests can access spa and activity offerings, diving into a world of choices, and view all availability in real time through the Hotel App. Guests can proceed with booking and online payment, and receive a confirmation email while the booking is automatically registered in the Book4Time dashboard, ensuring the spot is reserved and staff is notified. This feature simplifies and optimizes the booking process, saves time, reduces errors, and enhances the overall guest experience.

This is a great improvement on the traditionally disjointed experience in which services and activities are booked separately, and is a game changer for everyone. Making the booking process easier and more intuitive also encourages guests to avail themselves of more on-site activities, wellness packages, or exclusive events, increasing hotel revenue.

The partnership between Nonius and Book4Time epitomizes innovation and efficiency in the hospitality industry, significantly enhancing the guest experience with streamlined, intuitive booking processes while simultaneously boosting hotel revenue and operational effectiveness. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in creating a more integrated, seamless, and satisfying digital journey for guests worldwide.



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