Meet Bondi: Chief Happiness Officer of the Fairmont Dallas Hotel

The happiness issue:  Meet Bondi, Chief Happiness Officer, Fairmont Dallas

In March 2024, the Fairmont Dallas announced that it had appointed a new Chief Happiness Officer. Bondi, a 6-month-old puppy, adopted from Dallas Fort Worth-based Operation Kindness, will serve as the hotel’s canine ambassador promoting positivity and happiness among colleagues and guests at the pet-friendly hotel.

Bondi has graduated from a four-week intensive training program and is now welcoming guests, interacting with colleagues, and sharing joy throughout Fairmont Dallas’ hallways and common spaces. Her duties will also include participating in hotel activities and events and volunteering with organizations, including Operation Kindness.

We asked Bondi’s spokespeople at Fairmont Dallas about Bondi’s duties and responsibilities, and how she brings joy to the hotel’s guests.

chief happiness officer fairmont dallasCan you introduce Bondi, tell us about where Bondi came from, and why you adopted her?

Bondi is a 9-month-old rescue puppy adopted from Operation Kindness, a local animal shelter that provides assistance to animals in need of medical care, companionship, and most of all, a home. Bondi was adopted by Yoke Yong, Director of Talent and Culture at Fairmont Dallas to serve as the hotel’s Chief Happiness Officer. As Chief Happiness Officer, Bondi is responsible for promoting positivity and happiness among colleagues and guests. 

Can you tell us how she became the Chief Happiness Officer at the hotel?

Due to Bondi’s diligent work welcoming guests in the hotel’s lobby, making fast friends with Dallasites walking through the 118-acre Dallas Arts District, and providing stress relief and smiles to meeting attendees and colleagues, Bondi was chosen by the hotel’s executive team to serve as Chief Happiness Officer. 

What does a typical day look like for Bondi in this role?

Bondi arrives at work each weekday at 8 a.m. with her owner, Yoke, and stops at the hotel’s lobby-level Starbucks for her daily pup cup. Bondi typically begins her day by spreading cheer and tail wags with her colleagues in the office. Throughout the day, Bondi will make rounds through the hotel lobby, greeting guests and other four-legged friends as Fairmont Dallas is a pet-friendly hotel with experience hosting dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes. In the afternoon, Bondi will enjoy the Dallas sunshine by romping on the rooftop terrace. Between scheduled appearances at various meetings and conferences taking place at the hotel, Bondi makes time for plenty of naps. 

What are her main responsibilities as the Chief Happiness Officer?

Bondi’s primary responsibility is to promote positivity and happiness among colleagues and guests. She is also available for special appearances at meetings and events to provide stress relief and smiles to business travelers. 

How does she help make guests feel welcome and happy during their stay?

Bondi helps make guests feel welcome and happy during their stay by providing a friendly welcome upon arrival, offering comfort, and reducing stress after a day of travel. Always ready for a pat on the head or scratches behind the ears, Bondi’s unconditional love for all hotel guests brings a smile to everyone who visits. 

What special skills or tricks does Bondi have that help her in her job?

Bondi is especially skilled in promoting joy and happiness through her infectious positive energy. When Bondi is energetically wagging her tail, allowing guests to pet her, chasing a toy on the terrace, or greeting her colleagues, she spreads smiles all around. 

What does Bondi enjoy doing in her free time when not working?

In her free time, Bondi enjoys exploring the Dallas Arts District and visiting Klyde Warren Park’s My Best Friend’s Park, where she meets four-legged friends and plays fetch. Bondi is also training for the Dallas Marathon with her human, Yoke, and is excited to run the race this December. 

What are Bondi’s favorite rewards for doing a good job? What makes Bondi happy?

Bondi’s favorite reward for a job well done is treats! She especially enjoys pup cups from the lobby-level Starbucks. Spreading joy is what makes Bondi the happiest. She loves seeing Fairmont Dallas guests and colleagues smiling.

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