Five spa sleep programs and treatments

Many people don’t get nearly enough sleep, and lack of sleep has a massive impact on body systems, health and wellness, and quality of life. Click here to read about seven terrible effects of insufficient sleep that you might not know about.

If you can help people sleep better, you can change their lives.

For inspiration, here are five examples of spas offering treatments and programs to enhance sleep.

Where: Six Senses

What: Sleep With Six Senses

The recently introduced Sleep With Six Senses program was designed in collaboration with sleep expert Michael J. Breus, to assure better rest while staying with Six Senses, and beyond. The program includes optimal bedding, an assigned “Sleep Ambassador,” a sleep tracking device, and a customized program of spa treatments.


Where: The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley

What: California Dreaming

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley offers this sleep wellness massage developed in collaboration with “Sleep Guru” Robert Michael deStefano and local skin care line Longeva.

“The innovative new massage incorporates proprietary breath-work, sleep-inducing techniques and a special blend of essential oils designed to relax the mind and body.”

Following the massage guests receive a collection of sleep enhancing aids, including a sleep ritual guide by deStefano; ZBLISS Sleep Music Therapy; and Anoint Trigger Point Sleep Serum (1 oz.) from the Longeva NightSPA.


Where: YeloSpa NYC

What: YeloCab nap

YeloSpa offer the opportunity to nap in comfort at $1.00 a minute. The YeloCab nap is a sleep therapy system that takes place inside of YeloSpa’s patented treatment cabins.

“It may be experienced on its own for rest and rejuvenation or combined with a YeloCab massage to balance, heal and energize your body and mind. Customize your Aromatherapy and Sound settings and recline in our YeloBed for a Zero Gravity experience that will leave you feeling Alive,  Beautiful.”

Research suggests that there are numerous benefits to napping during the day.


Where: Canyon Ranch

What: Sleep Enhancement

Canyon Ranch offers sleep consultations in which a licensed sleep therapist assesses your issues and helps you work through them. The Ranch also offers and a formal All-Night Sleep Study on site which is helpful for assessing multiple awakenings, snoring, possible sleep apnea and unexplained daytime sleepiness.


Where: Celebrity Cruise ships

What: Mindful Dreams

Canyon Ranch has also teamed with Celebrity Cruises to launch Mindful Dreams, a program of four spa treatments using  a variety of products and sleep aids to promote healthy sleep. Among these are Voya’s Mindful Dreams, from the luxury brand’s Tranquil product line.

Spa staff will also offer nutritional seminars on food choices and holistic methods for mindful sleep.

The eponymous 75-minute Mindful Dreams treatment incorporates sleep-inducing massage, meditation and breathing techniques combined with products such as essential oils of lavender and rosemary designed to induce relaxation and sleep.

Other treatments will include a 55-minute lavender and seaweed sugar glow; a 50-minute age-defying restorative facial; and the 45-minute lazy days detox seaweed bath.

Six terrible effects of insufficient sleep

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