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We’re excited to introduce our new turning pages version of Spa Executive magazine!

Here’s a brief overview of what our edition talks about:

It’s no secret that running an award-winning spa is a labour of love – as well as a lot of plain old labour. Spa managers and directors also face many challenges when it comes to standing out from the competition.

For this issue of Spa Executive, we spoke with Shane Bird, about what it takes to operate an award-winning spa, like Turning Stone’s SKANA, the only spa in Upstate New York rated 4-Stars by Forbes Travel Guide. It has also recently been named Best Spa by Casino Player Magazine.

Shane’s comments about the people in his team underscore why he is an inspiration. “I would say the foundation to any award-winning spa is the staff,” he said. “Everybody tries to have a great facility, but you’re not going to have an award-winning spa without that staff. Anybody can do product and nice linens and good tables, but it takes a lot to gather the staff together, to get them marching to the same drum, maintaining the same standards, and forming a tribe, for lack of a better word.”

This is the key piece of the puzzle when it comes to spa success.

According to the most recent Global Wellness Economy Monitor, the number of global spa locations rose from 121,595 in 2015 to over 149,000 in 2017. All of you are working to create excellent treatment menus and feature the best products in the world. So, how does one stand out from the others? With great people. People aren’t just the foundation of your customer experience, they are your customer experience. From the managers to service providers, to the rest of your valuable team members, they are what makes or breaks your spa.

Understanding that is key to rising above the competition in this industry.

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