The journey into the next decade

We’re winding down a decade, and in the last month of the aughts, it’s incredible to look back at all the changes in spa and wellness over the past ten years or so.

Consider the surging interest and research in wearables, the Internet of Things and consumer genomics, just to name a few things that were barely on the consumer radar a decade ago. Not to mention the general interest in wellness, which has become probably a bigger global phenomenon than anyone expected.

Like the word “spa” not too long ago, we may still be having some trouble defining exactly what “wellness” is. That’s something Spa Executive discussed with my friend, Andrew Gibson, of the Wellness Tourism Association in this month’s Spotlight interview.

Andrew Gibson said that, to him, wellness is “a pathway that is part of a journey.” He added, “Wellbeing is the ultimate goal. To be in a state of ‘wellbeing’ means that you’ve found a satisfactory condition in fitness, mindfulness, and, to some degree, spirituality. So it’s ‘mind, body, and soul.’ Wellbeing is the state you’re trying to attain and wellness are the different paths along the journey to get there.”

I like this description. It suggests that people are fellow travellers in something ongoing, and reflects the changing nature of the advances and discoveries that are leading us into the next decade. It’s a journey for us, it’s also a journey for the industry.

And as we wrap this decade up, let’s enjoy the holidays (those who celebrate) and give our fellow travelers some extra attention and cheer. This means saying thanks, being a place to take a break from the stress of the season, and elevating our customer experience (as ever) and employer brand.

Then, let’s keep it going into the new year and beyond.

Happy holidays.

Roger Sholanki,
CEO, Book4Time