4 priceless holiday gifts for your spa team members that cost nothing

priceless gifts that cost nothing

Looking for presents for your team members? Give these priceless gifts that cost nothing this holiday season.

Not everyone celebrates, but the holidays are in the air in many parts of the world.

If you’re looking for some great gifts to give your valued team members, there are a few that are readily available, that will cost you nothing, and that are priceless in value. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also give something material, if you want to. Go ahead and splurge. They deserve it.

But consider also consider offering these priceless gifts that cost nothing to your spa and wellness team, if you aren’t already.


It costs nothing to say thank you, and means everything. So many employees, no matter what the sector, feel unappreciated by their manager. And too many bosses, also no matter what the sector, live by the “no news is good news” rule, only providing feedback when something is wrong. When all is well, they can’t be bothered to say anything. Don’t be that employer. Especially in a sector that asks so much from team members, whose job it is to provide support, often both physical and emotional, day in and day out, to spa customers, and who often suffer from burnout. The holidays are a time to remember your gratitude. Say a verbal “thank you” to each of your team members, or write a note.

Your trust

In our spotlight interview this month, Andrew Gibson of Sensei and the Wellness Tourism Association said many insightful and interesting things. And one of those was, “Perhaps the most difficult part of being a leader is learning to let go.”

He went on to explain, “You appoint people, give them a clear vision and achievable goals and support them towards those goals. Every member of the team should have goals or clear objectives. And then you have to trust them and let them lead. And you have to accept when doing that, that they will do things differently from you, and even make mistakes. If you want to build a great team that is successful and enjoys what they’re doing, you have to accept that some things are not going to go quite the way you want or expect them to go.”

Giving your team members your trust and confidence will go a long way towards building the team you need to be successful. It will also be gratefully received – nobody likes to be micromanaged – and improve your relationships. Plus, once you let go and give people your trust, the burden of all that responsibility is lifted from your shoulders. So, giving someone your trust is also a gift to yourself.


Yes, you’re busy (possibly even overwhelmed and burning out), but it’s important to take time to be with the people on your team and focus on them. Have a conversation about their lives and goals and show an interest in who they are and how they are enjoying their work life.

This does not necessarily mean a group outing, lunch, etc. In fact, some people regard work gatherings as a burden rather than a joy around this time of year. They have friends and family they barely have time to see, and now they have to take time out of their day to spend even more time with the same people they see every single day. It’s not everyone’s idea of a good time. On the other hand, your team might love a work get together. Only you truly know. Do what will make people happiest, but do spend some time.


Shane Bird of Turning Stone once told us that the key to managing a successful team is “being willing as a manager or director to do everything, and to really get in the trenches. To be able to get in there and work with someone, whether it’s at the front desk or collecting towels, and to do whatever they are doing. You cannot stay in an office. Your team has to see you engaging the guests in the way you want the guests engaged.”

This not only serves to set an example and motivate team members, it demonstrates that their work is valuable and important. Stepping in and helping your employees with their tasks helps them get through the day, makes their life easier, and creates a camaraderie and bond that you won’t have otherwise.


Ideally, managers should be giving these gifts all year round. But the holidays are as good a time to start as any. These gifts will benefit you, your team members, and your business.

Happy holidays.


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