Hyatt & Exhale partner with Amazon for launch of Amazon Halo service

amazon halo service

Hyatt and Amazon partner to launch the Amazon Halo service, which gives users greater access to fitness programs offered through Hyatt’s wellness brand, Exhale’s, streaming video platform.

Hyatt Hotels Corp. has launched a collaboration between its Exhale spa and fitness company, and Amazon Halo, Amazon’s new wearable band and wellness service. The Amazon Halo service is a membership platform that uses technology to provide personal wellness insights and ways to improve users’ everyday health.

Currently available for early access, the service gives users and Exhale members greater access to fitness programs offered through Exhale’s streaming video platform, Exhale on Demand. It is powered by a mobile app and accompanying wristband.

Hyatt acquired Exhale, which provides a full suite of award-winning boutique fitness classes and spa therapies, three years ago. There are currently 19 Exhale locations in the US and the Caribbean.

“Exhale reinforces Hyatt’s commitment to wellbeing by providing meaningful wellness experiences that support total mind and body through boutique fitness classes, spa therapies and original streaming content,” Julia Sutton, COO of Exhale, said in a statement. 

“We are thrilled to team up with Amazon Halo and provide even more people with the opportunity to easily access fitness- and wellbeing-focused programs. Exhale On Demand allows people to maintain their wellbeing routines when they want, where they want, and the collaboration with Amazon Halo adds a new element of measurement to help people better understand personal health and wellbeing and create a more connected, informed approach to their everyday wellbeing routines.”

The Amazon Halo app and band launched at the end of August with technology that combines a suite of AI-powered health features to provide actionable insights into overall wellness.

Dr. Maulik Majmudar, Principal Medical Officer, Amazon Halo, said in a statement,  “Despite the rise in digital health services and devices over the last decade, we have not seen a corresponding improvement in population health in the U.S. We are using Amazon’s deep expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer customers a new way to discover, adopt, and maintain personalized wellness habits.  

“Health is much more than just the number of steps you take in a day or how many hours you sleep. Amazon Halo combines the latest medical science, highly accurate data via the Halo Band sensors, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to offer a more comprehensive approach to improving your health and wellness.” 

Amazon Halo service offerings with Exhale on Demand are one-to-four-week programs that include:

  • Event Prep Bootcamp: A four-week program that combines strengthening, stretching and sweating to help get users into shape.
  • Target Your Midsection: A three-week program to help focus on the core and trim the waistline with six-pack-focused workouts.
  • Intermediate Barre: A three-week commitment to complete four Exhale Barre workouts per week.
  • No Props, No Problem: Stay fit on the go with bodyweight-only workouts ranging from barre to yoga to cardio.
  • Upper Body Program: A three-week lab to build upper body strength with a variety of workouts that will challenge arms, back, shoulders and abs.
  • Beginner’s Guide to Barre: A four-week introduction to all the benefits of barre with detailed instructions and step-by-step progressions.
  • Intermediate Yoga: A program to energize the body and take yoga practice to next level in three weeks.


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