Book4Time CEO, Roger Sholanki, shares his thoughts on how AI will transform hospitality

Book4Time CEO and publisher of Spa Executive magazine, Roger Sholanki, shares his thoughts on how AI will transform hospitality.

Spa Executive is published by Book4Time, the leader in guest management and ancillary revenue solutions for the most exclusive spas, hotels, and resorts around the globe. 

Roger Sholanki is Book4Time’s CEO, a tech entrepreneur who is passionate about building disruptive companies and products that help advance the global hospitality, health, and wellness industries. He thrives on challenging the status quo and setting the bar higher for everything from product development to customer success. 

We’re talking about ChatGPT and generative AI in this issue, so we asked Roger Sholanki to weigh in on the topic of how ChatGPT and AI tools will transform hospitality. Here’s what he had to say:

How does tech enhance the end-to-end guest experience?

Guest facing technology plays a key role in helping spas and hotels deliver a consistent end-to-end guest experience from initial decision making through to completing a booking, check-in and check-out.  We continue to see our customers adopting more of our guest facing modules to help customize the guest experience best suited to their brand proposition and operating procedures. The tech is the silent ‘brains’ behind the scenes helping both consumers and staff with the boring stuff freeing them up to focus more on overall experience and drive more valuable interactions.

Everyone is talking about how ChatGPT and generative AI will transform industries. How will AI transform hospitality?

Generative AI is not new. Most of the technologies we’re seeing today have existed for several years. However, the convergence of several trends has made it possible to productize generative models and bring them to new applications such as CHATGPT.  

The top three benefits ChatGPT brings to spas, hotels and most hospitality businesses is to help improve the guest experience, drive more business and reduce operating costs.   

What are some concerns or pitfalls companies should be aware of with CHATGPT and other tech?

ChatGPT is undoubtedly very promising and exciting, but its implementation into businesses comes with certain risks that must be considered. For example, it can provide wrong information with a high level of confidence. This raises ethical concerns like the possibility of sharing deceptive content and spreading misinformation that could result in ruined reputations, or circulating incorrect facts that could leave businesses with huge liability risks.

Oversight of generative AI across the board is a big topic across the industry, any business looking to deploy ChatGPT or any other advancements driven by generative AI should keep current on the latest developments including new legislation and laws in development.

What do you find exciting about all this?

Our team is excited to take advantage of AI’s potential, having already begun several projects involving this technology that we are eager to share the results of and bring to market in the coming years. As much as we are mindful of the risks, the remarkable potential of ChatGPT and other AI tools will be exceptionally beneficial and will change the way we do business over the next decade or sooner.


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