Revinate empowers hoteliers to deliver delightful experiences and drive direct revenue

Revinate helps businesses increase revenue while delivering delightful experiences. 

Unlocking the potential of personalized marketing and enhancing guest experiences are key priorities for today’s hoteliers. In a highly competitive industry, the ability to connect with guests at every touchpoint is crucial to driving revenue and fostering loyalty. This is where Revinate, a leading provider of data platform and guest communication solutions, steps in. 

We talked with Revinate’s Chief Marketing Officer, Raj Singh, about how, by harnessing the power of data and employing targeted marketing strategies, Revinate helps businesses increase revenue while delivering delightful experiences. 

Raj Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Revinate

Tell us about what Revinate does.

Revinate empowers hoteliers to connect directly with guests at every touchpoint to deliver delightful experiences and drive direct revenue. Our data platform and guest communication solutions put hoteliers in control of every step of their guests’ journeys — initial research, booking, check-in, throughout the stay, and even after check-out. We do this all using the communication channels that the guests prefer, whether it’s voice, text, email, or web.

How can Revinate help businesses increase revenue? Can you give me an example?

Our marketing platform helps hoteliers power revenue through email marketing. Our award-winning platform ingests guest data from the hotel’s PMS and synthesizes it to create guest segments that power automated, hyper-targeted email campaigns to drive profitable revenue.

Our customer, Noble House & Resorts, achieved a over 10x ROI by utilizing targeted, personalized email campaigns based on guests past behavior and preferences. The automation and analytics capabilities of Revinate allowed for streamlined and data-driven marketing strategies, resulting in a significant return on investment.  

Can you talk about the importance of personalization in marketing?

It’s important to personalize communications at the right time to drive repeat business. It increases guest loyalty while also positively impacts the guest journey. Revinate collects, enriches and targets hoteliers’ data so they can deliver ultra-personalized communications and experiences to the right guest at the right time. 

Why is CRM important?

The right CRM is important for several reasons. It allows hotels to manage customer relationships, improve the guest experience, and streamline operations. By leveraging guest data, hoteliers are able to create a more personalized and efficient guest experience. 

How are customer segments useful?

Customer segments help hoteliers to optimize their campaign results. Instead of sending a generic message to all customers, segmentation allows you to drill deeper and deliver a personalized message at the right time during the guest journey. With Revinate Marketing, hoteliers can easily segment their guest database leading to efficient email marketing and driving direct revenue.  

How can you help manage reviews?

With Revinate Guest Feedback, hoteliers can manage reviews and feedback all from one dashboard. This allows them to easily respond to reviews right from our app or drive survey-takers to publish their reviews on TripAdvisor or Google.

Why is this important?

Positive reviews can drive new bookings, while negative reviews can drive potential guests away. By managing online reviews, hoteliers can address any negative feedback and maintain a positive reputation. Hoteliers can also improve the guest experience by leveraging our in-stay surveys through email or text, allowing them to respond to any feedback before the guest leaves the property. 

How can hotels and resorts improve their marketing?

In order to improve marketing efforts, hotels need to first get their data right. If data is spread out across several different platforms and not allowing  for a single view of a guest, it’s very challenging to have targeted omni-channel campaigns that deliver the right message to the right guest. With clean data and hyper-targeted segmentation, hoteliers can improve their guest experience, increase engagement and loyalty, and ultimately drive revenue growth. 


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