12 ideas for creating memorable Mother’s & Father’s Day experiences at hotels

Boost ancillary revenue and ensure repeat business with memorable Mother’s and Father’s Day experiences. Here’s a look at how to create compelling holiday promotions.

Hotels and resorts have the unique opportunity to create unforgettable celebrations for Mother’s and Father’s Day. By offering customized services and bespoke experiences, and focusing on luxury and the little touches, businesses can enhance their reputations as family-friendly destinations. Boost ancillary revenue and ensure repeat business through memorable experiences. Here’s a look at how to create compelling holiday promotions:

Focus on unique experiences that entire families will love

1. Relaxation & rejuvenation: Develop specific spa packages for Mother’s or Father’s Day, including massages, facials, and pampering treatments. Bundle these services with add-ons and upsells related to the holiday to create the perfect experience. 

2. The Gift of add-ons & upgrades: Provide complimentary add-ons like a mini facial or free foot scrub with a massage, or an extra 15 minutes of treatment time, for any services booked for Mother’s Day.

3. Gourmet experiences: Offer culinary delights like a special themed meal or a cooking class led by a chef. Options could include gourmet brunches, fine dining experiences, or wine tasting sessions.

4. Parent-child or family packages: Create packages for parents, children, and families to enjoy together, such as dual treatments, side-by-side massages, or a private spa day experience.

5. Themed spa parties & events: Organize themed spa parties where groups can book together. Provide refreshments, music, and group prices to make the day festive, hosting events like brunches, high teas, and live music nights to celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day.

6. Limited-time offers: Introduce special services available only around Mother’s and Father’s Day, like spring-themed facials or aromatherapy sessions using seasonal scents and specific ingredients. This can attract customers looking for unique experiences.

7. Day passes: Offer family day-passes to your pool, cabanas, hot springs, and plunge pools for locals to come and spend some luxury time together in their own towns and cities.

8. Membership & loyalty bonuses: Offer special membership discounts or enhanced loyalty points for bookings made for Mother’s and Father’s Day.

9. Collaborations with local businesses: Partner with local businesses like florists, chocolate shops, restaurants, boutiques, and galleries to offer combined gifts and experiences. For instance, booking a spa day could come with a bouquet or a box of chocolates.

10. Adventure outings & cultural immersion: Organize guided local adventures, like kayak tours, guided hikes, or bicycle tours through scenic areas. Arrange experiences that connect guests with local culture, like art classes or visits to local artisans.

11. Special packages & room enhancements: Offer tailored packages that cater specifically to moms and dads, including spa treatments, golfing excursions, or gourmet dinners. Feature special room decorations, welcome gifts, and personalized services.

12. Customized gifts and exclusive services: Allow customers to create their own spa packages or choose elements like aromatherapy scents. Provide exclusive services, like private dining in scenic locations.

Marketing Mother’s Day & Father’s Day promotions

How to get the word out? Use social media platforms to promote offerings and engage customers with contests, testimonials, and sneak peeks. Send out personalized email campaigns to your existing customer database with special offers and reminders about booking in advance. 

Use targeted online advertising to reach potential customers who are looking for unique gift ideas or ideas for family celebrations during these holidays. Leverage the above-mentioned  partnerships with local businesses to promote each other’s offerings and create comprehensive packages that appeal to families looking for holiday celebration ideas. Communicate with your loyalty program members and existing customer base. 

Optimize your gift cards! Sell gift cards or vouchers that can be used for various services within the hotel or resort, including dining, spa treatments, and overnight stays. Make virtual gift cards available online for easy access.

By focusing on unique experiences, personal touches, and effective marketing, hotels and resorts can craft compelling Mother’s and Father’s Day promotions that resonate with families, creating memorable experiences for you and your guests.


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