30 travel + wellness guest experience statistics for 2024

Guest experience is obviously key to hospitality success and the hospitality industry is ever changing, so keeping on top of the latest trends and statistics is key to enhancing guest experience.

Exceptional guest experiences win awards and make industry leaders.

Consumer preferences are evolving as technology advances, and we have to adapt to keep ahead of the competition. When people are happy with a brand experience, they remain loyal and tell others about it. When they are unhappy, they move on – and tell others about it.

We’ve gathered some important guest experience statistics for 2024 to help you shape your operational strategies to create those exquisite experiences.

Travel & Hospitality Statistics

  • 67% of consumers are projected to make their travel bookings online in 2024.
  • Millennials (aged 30-44) make up the largest portion of “Wellness Worshippers, Leisure Seekers, Luxury Seekers, and Digital Travelers.”
  • Luxury Seekers are most commonly found in countries across the Middle East and Asia Pacific, while Eco-Adventurers tend to be prevalent in both Asia Pacific and Europe. Cultural Explorers are predominantly found in Europe.
  • There is a projected 15% growth in sales of sports tourism packages through travel intermediaries from 2023 to 2024. –  Euromonitor
  • 73% of travelers want to perform actions like booking reservations, checking in, and ordering room service on their smartphones.-  Hotel Tech Report/Oracle 
  • International wellness tourists on average spent 41% more per trip than the typical international tourist in 2022.
  • Domestic wellness tourists spent 175% more per trip than the average domestic tourist in 2022.-  GWI
  • 40% of hotel guests are likely to write a review after a positive experience.
  • 48% of hotel guests are likely to write a review after a negative experience. – Review Trackers
  • 76% of global travelers appreciate travel apps that reduce the friction and stress of travel. – Hilton

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