Crystal healing at Tresco Island Spa

Certain Crystals have long been believed by some to have magical healing and therapeutic properties.

Garnet is said to be rejuvenating and cleansing, rose quarts to be calming.

The Tresco Island spa incorporated both of these into the Ilā Crystal Healing Face Therapy.

Described as “Calming, reviving, and uplifting,” the Crystal Healing is describes as “harnessing the healing vibrations of crystals to release tension and revitalize the skin.”

The treatment combines Tibetan crystal techniques with meridian tapping. A garnet face scrub is followed by acupressure with warm poultices, application of rose quartz, and a “soothing” jade mask.

Tresco’s Leisure Manager Hannah Shaw explains, “On the acupressure points we use warm poultices with Himalayan salts, marigold, and lavender, which when heated give off negative ions. These eliminate positive ions, which are things that you soak up from computers and mobile phones that make you feel tired and depleted. Straight after that, you’ve got warm rose quartz crystals, and you glide them along each acupressure point and down each meridian line, and each line obviously represents an organ.

“We also use a product called Glowing Radiance Day Cream. Not only does it have rose otto in it, but it also has rose stem cells, which encourage regeneration.”

Clients look and feel completely radiant after the treatment, says Shaw.

“With the combination of the products, the movements within the facial, the heating within the facial, they just completely relax and let go, and when they’re finished, their skin just glows. They look radiant and healthy. It’s beautiful. It’s just really lovely.”

Tresco is a small, family-owned island off the coast of Cornwall measuring about two and a half miles long by a mile wide at its broadest point. It’s one of the five inhabited islands which, together with 200 or so islands, islets and rocks, form the Isles of Scilly, an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.”

Tresco is home to a community of about 150 people and houses award winning accommodations and restaurants, as well as the Tresco Island Spa.

Ilā Crystal Healing Face Therapy – 75 minutes – £90

Calming. Reviving. Uplifting. Known as the energising facial. This dazzling facial treatment harnesses the healing vibrations of crystals to release tension and revitalise the skin.

 Meridian tapping and Tibetan crystal techniques balance and strengthen. A garnet face scrub protects and energises. Acupressure with hot poultices and rose quartz restores radiance, while a cooling and nourishing jade mask helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.


(Image: Copyright: alvinge / 123RF Stock Photo)

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