Ohio spa offers free removal of racist tattoos

Here is an excellent example of great marketing and influencing positive change in the world at the same time.

Skin Deep Medi Spa in Strongsville, Ohio, is offering free laser removal of racist tattoos for a limited time (booking was through to the end of March, though actual appointments may take place afterwards).

Cleveland.com reports that the spa is one of few locations in Ohio State with the PicoWay laser, which representatives say is one of the most innovative tattoo removal technologies. According to PicoWay’s website, the laser emits less heat energy than traditional lasers “providing a safer, more comfortable treatment for all skin types, with fewer side effects.”

Tattoo removal can take anywhere from two to six treatments and Skin Deep usually charges between $500 – $6,000 for the total treatment, says the report. Skin Deep will provide up to four treatments to those regretting their racist past at no charge.

“We have technology that can offer a clean slate, and hopefully a fresh perspective. We want to empower anyone that has changed their mindset to be free of their past, in hopes that they will influence those around them to be accepting, regardless of race,” Skin Deep owner Joe Stanoszek is quoted as saying.

Before lasers became the common method of tattoo removal in the 1990s, the limited methods on offer included cryosurgery, excision, dermabrasion, and salabrasion. One popular military method is said to involve mixing meat tenderizer with lemon juice before scouring off the tattoo. We do not recommend trying that.

The best option is not getting a racist tattoo in the first place.

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