Scientists have ranked every US state by life expectancy

There is a pretty big disparity in life expectancy between the States of the USA. This is according to a new study recently published In JAMA.

The study, titled, titled The State of US Health, 1990-2016 Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Among US States, was conducted by researchers at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, and is the most extensive state-by-state US health study ever conducted. Researchers found that working-age Americans in 21 states faced a higher probability of premature death than those in other states from 1990 to 2016.

According to the media release, the likelihood of early death for men and women age 20 to 55 is highest in West Virginia, Mississippi, and Alabama. “In contrast, same-age residents of Minnesota, California, New York, and several northeastern states have a lower probability of premature mortality.”

As of 2016, Hawaii had the highest life expectancy at birth, at 81.3 years. Mississippi had the lowest, at 74.7 years – a difference of 6.6 years.

The three leading causes of “years of life lost” (YLL) in the US in 2016 were: ischemic heart disease, lung cancer, and COPD, a change from 1990 when the third leading cause was motor vehicle injuries. Most common causes of death included the usual culprits: smoking, drinking, and high Body Mass Index (BMI).

“We are seeing dangerous disparities among states,” said IHME Director Dr. Christopher Murray. “Unless and until leaders of our health care system work together to mitigate risks, such as tobacco, alcohol, and diet, more Americans will die prematurely, and in many cases, unnecessarily.”

In 2016, key factors driving the increased likelihood of early death for those aged 20 to 55 included substance abuse, suicide, and alcohol-related conditions.

“The US has witnessed some improvements among youth under 20 and seniors over 55, but overall the nation and some of our states are falling behind other, less developed countries,” said study co-author Dr. Ali Mokdad. “The strain on America’s health resources is getting worse, and the need for prevention services and greater access to and quality of medical care is increasing.”

The burden of mental health disorders in the US is also increasing.

“These findings serve as compelling evidence of the need to increase mental health care and screening, as well as programs seeking to prevent mental disorders and to promote mental health,” Murray said.

Regarding obesity and related factors, Murray said, “To an increasing degree, overweight, obesity, and sugary diets are driving up health care costs and are costing Americans years of healthy life. They are undermining progress toward better health.”

Here is the study’s list of the life expectancy at birth by state, including DC, as of 2016.

Hawaii, 81.3 years
California, 80.9 years
Connecticut, 80.8 years
Minnesota, 80.8 years
New York, 80.5 years
Massachusetts, 80.4 years
Colorado, 80.2 years
New Jersey, 80.2 years
Washington, 80.2 years
Vermont, 79.9 years
New Hampshire, 79.9 years
North Dakota, 79.8 years
Rhode Island, 79.6 years
Utah, 79.6 years
Florida, 79.6 years
Oregon, 79.5 years
Iowa, 79.5 years
Wisconsin, 79.5 years
Arizona, 79.5 years
Nebraska, 79.4 years
Maryland, 79.2 years
Virginia, 79.2 years
Idaho, 79.1 years
Illinois, 79.1 years
South Dakota, 79.1 years
Maine, 79 years
Montana, 78.9 years
Delaware, 78.6 years
Pennsylvania, 78.5 years
Kansas, 78.5 years
Texas, 78.5 years
Wyoming, 78.4 years
Nevada, 78.1 years
Alaska, 78.1 years
Michigan, 78 years
Washington D.C., 78 years
North Carolina, 77.9 years
New Mexico, 77.8 years
Ohio, 77.5 years
Missouri, 77.4 years
Georgia, 77.4 years
Indiana, 77.2 years
South Carolina, 76.8 years
Tennessee, 76.1 years
Arkansas, 75.8 years
Kentucky, 75.8 years
Oklahoma, 75.7 years
Louisiana, 75.6 years
Alabama, 75.4 years
West Virginia, 75.3 years
Mississippi, 74.7 years

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