Six ways to delight your customers this holiday season

delight your customers

The holidays are a great time to build your guest relationships. Here’s how to delight your customers, and bring in new ones this season.

The holidays are truly upon us. Do you love them? We love them. They’re a time of cheer and joy. They’re also a time of opportunity for your spa business. Don’t waste it!

Use this time of year to thrill, dazzle and delight your existing customers, and to bring in new ones. There are so many ways to do that. Here are just a few.

1. Say thank you

Every day should be customer appreciation day, but the holidays are an extra special time to show your customers how much you value your relationship with them. Be sure to send a message of gratitude to your guests.

2. Surprise them with a gift

This is an obvious gesture, and probably the least we can do. Your loyal customers deserve a little something, which will also serve to remind them of why they are your loyal customers (because you’re so thoughtful). This could come in the form of a product, service, upgrade, or anything you can come up with. And your new customers also deserve a little something, don’t they? If a first time guest feels appreciated and is wowed, they’re more likely to become a second and third time guest.

3. Personalize their gift

One issue with holiday gifts is that so many are useless and/or not of interest to the recipient. Don’t give out gifts nobody really wants. Fortunately, as a spa you can collect data on your guests and keep notes of their purchases and preferences in your software system. This means you have everything you need to give them a personalized gift that you know they will love! For example, give the gift of a product or service they often purchase, a package of their favourite tea, or something in their favourite scent.

4. Give extra loyalty points

Use the holidays to give extra loyalty points to guests both old and new. Regular guests will love the bonus and new guests will get a kick out of the head start. Points as a gesture of the season will encourage people to return to your spa to use them.

5. Make their gift giving easier

Gift giving is hard, and everyone appreciates it when a great, readily purchasable gift idea is put right in front of them! Offer promotions on products and services, and make your gift cards available.  Create bundles of services and products. Have gift baskets available. Consider offering small gifts with purchase, and encouraging guests to use these as presents and stocking stuffers. Or offer a gift to your customer, and one they can also give to a friend as a referral.

6. Take your customer experience to the next level above the next level.

Sure, you go above and beyond. But how can you go beyond the beyond? Are you really doing all that you can with your customer experience? The holidays are a time of magic and wonder. Consider how you can enhance your guests’ connection to these things through touch, smell, décor, taste, and sound. Are you appealing to all of your guests’ senses, including their sense of wonder?

It’s a busy time of year for many, and it can be easy to get caught up in just making it through. Don’t let that happen. Make this a truly wonderful time, and create memories with your guests that will ripple and keep your customer relationships warm throughout the rest of the year.