Solving the staffing crisis: how to attract and retain talent at your spa

Into 2022 and beyond, the spa industry will have to re-examine recruiting and retention strategies. Here are some tips on how to how to attract and retain talent at your spa.

What’s the biggest challenge facing the hospitality industry today? Staffing! We all know this by now. It’s been an issue since long before the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and has only gotten worse in the last two years.

When we talk to Spa Directors about the challenges they are facing, “staffing” consistently tops the list. For those who don’t have staffing problems – and we know you’re out there, because we’ve talked to you too – congratulations! You’re doing something, or a lot of things, right.

We believe that the industry can improve its staffing situation and maybe even solve the crisis. But it will take work. Businesses can’t overwork and underpay employees anymore, pushing them to burnout. It’s a candidate’s market right now in a lot of places around the world, meaning that it’s the job seekers who have the upper hand and not the other way around. Top talent can pretty much work wherever it wants right now. How can you get the best of the best to want to work for you?

Check out these actionable strategies for attracting and retaining top talent.

How to attract and retain talent at your spa

Ask yourself why anyone would want to work for you

Step one. This is the first thing to think about. You probably work pretty hard on your customer brand. You think carefully about your products, services, and guest experience, and how these will attract customers to your spa. But do you put the same focus on why someone would want to work at your spa?

We expect job applicants to bring a lot to the table, but what do we offer them, besides a paycheck? Is that paycheck enough? What is your work environment like? What growth and development opportunities do you offer? How’s the work life balance? Is there a greater purpose? Are there corporate social responsibility initiatives? What is your value proposition for employees? And how is it different from the other spa across the street? If you can’t think of anything, that’s a thing you need to fix right now.

In job interviews, hiring managers commonly ask, “why do you want to work here?” Give them a real reason beyond, “because I need a job.”

Fine tune your employer brand

Your employer brand is how you communicate that value proposition to your target market of employees, current and prospective. It’s your reputation as an employer. According to SHRM an employer brand encompasses an organization’s mission, values, culture and personality. The idea is to communicate that your workplace is a great workplace.

When defining and developing your employer branding strategy, consider the following:

  • Your business’ vision, mission, values and culture.
  • The unique attributes of your company that make it a great place to work.
  • Who you want to reach – your ideal employee — and how to do that.
  • Your recruitment strategy.
  • Your retention strategy, meaning how your company will engage and retain existing employees.
  • How your employer brand aligns with your company brand.


To read more, click here to download our guide on how to attract and retain talent: Solving the staffing crisis: actionable strategies for attracting and retaining top talent at your spa


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