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castle hot springs

Castle Hot Springs was the first luxury wellness resort in Arizona. It sits in the Bradshaw Mountains, in a lush desert oasis northwest of Phoenix Arizona. 

Castle Hot Springs sits in the Bradshaw Mountains, in a lush desert oasis northwest of Phoenix Arizona. 

A fascinating history

The place boasts an interesting enough history to have been the subject of an Emmy Award-winning documentary, Castle Hot Springs: Oasis of Time. According to the website, in the beginning, indigenous people visited the waters for medicinal purposes. Later, the arrival of a railroad sparked broader interest in the springs and it eventually became the first Arizona wellness resort where travelers sought out the rejuvenating springs.

The first guests had to take a five-hour stagecoach ride to reach the springs until the first train depot was built nearby in 1898, followed by the first bus service ten years later. 

The resort hosted celebrities and dignitaries, including Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Astors, and President Theodore Roosevelt. In the 1940’s it was used as a military rehabilitation center to treat veterans wounded during World War II, which included future president John F. Kennedy.

Destroyed by fire

In 1976, Castle Hot Springs closed after a fire destroyed the main Palm House and it remained closed for more than 40 years. It finally reopened in 2019 after reconstruction and development.

“Much like the mythical Phoenix that emerges to start a new long life, Castle Hot Springs has returned to deliver wellness and privacy with attentive service, in a verdant desert oasis.”

Today Castle Hot Springs houses a lodge with a rebuild of the original Palm House, an award winning restaurant, and a gathering bar with an expansive outdoor terrace. The natural hot springs at the heart of the property cascade into three pools of varying temperatures and the warm waters are used to heat the main pool. The water is piped to onsite bungalows to fill private soak tubs and is also used throughout an onsite farm. 

The experience takes guests on a memorable all-inclusive journey that includes access to mineral rich, geothermal waters, farm-to-table meals, and activities like yoga and meditation, guided hikes, and archery.

The spa at Castle Hot Springs

The spa at Castle Hot Springs draws inspiration from the land and the healing waters of the springs, which are rich in lithium, magnesium, and bicarbonates. These minerals, along with herbs and plants from the farm, inspire a focus on joy, serenity, and renewal. The relaxation cabana houses a HaloIR booth, which combines dry salt inhalation and infrared light, designed to help open the lungs and enhance circulation.  

Stand out menu items include:


“Our special essential oil blend of arnica and immortelle is used on pressure points, along with customized techniques ranging from ancient Thai to modern kinesiology. Perfect for before or after exploring all the activities available this interactive treatment helps to keep you at top performance. Enjoy a rejuvenating stretch and improve your range of motion, after a day of hiking, biking, climbing and playing. You’ll leave feeling renewed, refreshed, and ready to take on more adventures.”


“Your transformation begins with a brisk dry brushing of the skin, an ancient practice that stimulates blood flow and offers gentle exfoliation. Next, you will be enveloped in a mineral-rich, purifying turquoise sage clay wrap featuring lavender, rosewood, and wild sage. Breathe in the light, herbal scent that recalls the purity of the high desert air

while relaxing with an intoxicating scalp and facial massage. Your journey continues with a full-body massage and a turquoise sage hydrating treatment for your hands and feet. A reflexology foot massage is included to stimulate circulation and provide an ultimate sense of wellbeing.”

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