Partner spotlight: Outpace the competition with Infor + Book4Time

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The partnership between Infor Hospitality Management Solution and Book4Time is a step forward in improving guest experience and operational efficiency.

Are you ready to revolutionize the guest experience at your hotel and outpace the competition? 

Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) is an advanced, cloud-based hotel property management system (PMS) that revolutionizes guest experiences and is a game changer for operational efficiency.

Infor empowers hotels of all sizes and scales to tailor guest experiences while ensuring productivity, adaptability, and data protection to meet the growing needs of increasingly tech-savvy travelers and consumers. A technology to welcome all guests, Infor unifies and refines operations, maximizes profitability, and delivers superior guest experiences that exceed expectations. Infor’s integrated cloud hospitality software helps organizations build their business on a scalable, end-to-end, technology platform.

A level of guest satisfaction that ensures repeat visits & memorable stays

With Book4Time’s deep integration with lnfor HMS, hotel staff gain access to actionable information about guests and prospects, create rich experiences, and foster a level of guest satisfaction that ensures repeat visits and memorable stays. They can also:

  • access reservation information from within Book4Time
  • post charges to rooms and groups
  • post full revenue for centralized financial reporting
  • search profile information for consistency in guest recognition
  • manage reservation confirmation that include the complete guest itinerary

This integration also offers the option to cross post charges between hotels if you have two or more in the same area. This means a guest staying at one hotel can visit a spa at another hotel in your company portfolio and charge the experience back to the room at the hotel where they are staying. This makes the guest’s experience more holistic and connected.

“Infor Hospitality and Book4Time have a long standing working partnership with several high-profile customer accounts that use both our applications,” says David Purcell, Infor’s Vice President of Product Management. “Many of our customers have leisure management requirements and we work with strategic business partners such as Book4Time to fill those requirements. The hospitality industry relies on partner integrations to provide complete solutions to joint customers.”  

Together, Infor and Book4Time launched the transformative Single Guest Itinerary (SGI) feature in late 2023. “We developed this to help our joint customers,” Purcell explains. “We have always had posting integrations, but the SGI takes the data sharing one step further and includes guest profile and reservation data and guest spend and booking patterns.”

The SGI feature automatically sends details of a guest’s spa service bookings to the Infor HMS system, so front desk staff can advise and direct the guest and provide an itinerary inclusive of all their on-property activities upon check in or at any time during their stay. Guests love having a single itinerary for all of their activities during a hotel or resort stay, and having this information mapped out makes it easier to keep track of all of their reservations and experiences. At the end of the stay, this feature optimizes a guest’s folio for a seamless checkout.

Superior insight allows for better & more strategic decision making

Many companies share guest profile data, but this unique analysis of spending and booking patterns can provide a hotel operator with superior insight into their business, allowing for better and more strategic decision making. 

The partnership between Infor Hospitality Management Solution and Book4Time represents a significant step forward in improving guest experience and operational efficiency. By integrating Infor’s PMS with Book4Time’s capabilities, hotels can now offer guests a more personalized and seamless experience, from booking to checkout. The introduction of the Single Guest Itinerary feature is a clear example of how technology can streamline operations and enhance guest satisfaction. For hoteliers looking to stay ahead in a competitive landscape, adopting this integrated approach can make a real difference in attracting and retaining guests.

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