Nine hair and makeup trends to watch in fall 2017

As we head into fall 2017, we’re looking at a few of the beauty and hair trends we’ve seen on Instagram this year that will stick around for the new season.

We’ve got some good, some that might be an acquired taste, and one that is just dreadful. If you’ve got a salon, keep your eye on these trends this autumn.

What trends are you watching?

Coloured mascara – Coloured mascara is big, with blue and purple taking centre stage. While bright colours graced the runways over the summer, both L’Oreal and Maybelline have recently launched new blue mascaras. Artfully applied, these 1980s throwbacks make the eyes pop.

Floating eyeliner – An ingenious hack for those with a monolid, or even just not much of a crease, who have never been able to make the cat’s eye eyeliner look work. Instead of drawing the cat eye along the lash line, the liner is applied in the crease so that it floats above the eye.

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Statement lips – Bright, accented, lips that pop out at you remain all the rage – either matte or creamy. In reds, purples, pinks, oranges, and all the daring colours. And let’s not forget the vamp lip of the 1990s. Now that it’s back, it’s everywhere – burgundy and berry shades for miles.

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Bright eyeshadow – Bright geometric designs on the eyelids, and dramatic, jewel-toned smokey eyes. The timeless smokey eye has been taking on a new personality with intense colours instead of dark brown and grey hues.

Grey hair – While the trend of dying your hair grey should be on its way out (and for good reason. It’s terrible for your hair), letting it grow naturally is a whole other story. Men and women are forgoing the dye process and letting the grey grow, for a distinguished, natural look.

Curly bangs – Why did it take so long for this to become a thing? It beats having to run into a public washroom and pull a blowdryer and round brush out of your bag every time it rains or gets humid (not that we’ve ever done that). These are really pretty.

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Extreme nails – It doesn’t look like the nail-art craze is ending any time soon. In fact, they’re getting bolder, wilder, longer, pointier, and more dangerous. At some point this is going to have to reach an apex.

Braids – Fishtail braids, French braids, Dutch braids, side braids, pigtails  — the braids are everywhere. They can be a simple way of tying your hair back, or a complex work of art.

Glitter tongue – we had to throw this one in. Instagram’s latest craze is apparently, coating one’s tongue in glitter. Let’s say no to this one, shall we? Since swallowing glitter seems almost unavoidable when it’s in your tongue, and swallowing glitter is bad for you.

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