Women want to receive spa gift cards this holiday season (surveys)

Gift cards are the most requested gift this holiday season, and women want to receive spa gift cards.

So, get your gift card promotions going.

According to a survey by WalletHub, gift cards are the most desired gift for the 2017 holiday season by a wide margin, chosen by 41% of respondents. They were followed far behind by clothes (15%), electronics (15%), books (10%), furniture/appliances (9%), toys (5%), and jewellery (5%).

The survey also found that 9% of respondents plan to spent $1001 or more on gifts. Twenty-four per cent plan to spend $501-$1,000, and the largest group, 29% plans to spend $251-$501. Twenty per cent plan to spend $101-$250, and 13% say they will spend less than $100.

Meanwhile, separate surveys found that women want to receive spa experiences as gifts. According to a survey by Ebates, more than one-third of women (35%) selected a gift card for a spa treatment as what they would like. And another survey of Generation Z girls (usually considered to be between the ages of around 5-22 but I think the survey focused specifically on teens) found that 57% of that cohort would like to receive “experiences such as spa treatment or concert tickets” this holiday season.

The Ebates survey had slightly different findings regarding spending intentions. In this case one in five respondents is planning to spend between $250-$500 on holiday gifts this year, while 18% will spend more than $1,000, and 17% will spend $750-$1,000.

The findings are in line with a Mother’s Day survey conducted last year that found a “spa day alone was among the top most wished for Mother’s Day gifts.

Unfortunately, the survey also found that they were far more likely to get chocolate and flowers.

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