Five more incredible and aspirational sauna designs

Sauna culture is so compelling that we just can’t stop looking at these hot boxes.

We posted five amazing saunas here — and pretty much immediately found five more.

Enjoy these, and we hope you also get to enjoy sitting in some intense heat today!

Floating sauna, Rosendahl, Norway

Another floating sauna. This one, by Casagrande Laboratories, is transparent, so everyone can see you while you sauna. (It’s also the one featured in the above image.)


Agora Sauna, Oslo, Norway

The Agora sauna is reportedly the largest in the world, and apparently an “insulated fish rack” that functions both as an amphi-theatre and a sauna, with a capacity of up to 120 people.

Four large wood-burning stoves provide the heat, while a glass wall offers views of the ocean and sky. There’s also a bar inside with a 100-person capacity.

The sauna was constructed for Salt, a nomadic art project currently situated on Oslo’s shoreline. “The project brings together arts, music, food and architecture in four wooden constructions inspired by the traditional Norwegian racks for drying fish.”


The Tram Sauna, Milan, Italy

The Tram Sauna is located in an old tram sitting in QC Terme Milano by the ancient Spanish walls of Milan.

The designers reportedly said the idea is to “show commuters that public transport needn’t always be stressful.”

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Underwater sauna, Gothenburg, Sweden

The underwater sauna is at Astad Vingard. The walls are made of glass and you go down a ladder for a view that is reportedly “breathtaking,” and often features underwater life.

Två “fula fiskar” utanför vår undervattensbastu!?!? #sinnenasspa #ästadvingård #astadvingard

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Bike Sauna, Portland, Oregon

We’re not clear on the full story here but this sauna that is trailed on a bike was built by Simon Lyle of Portland, Oregon. Because who doesn’t need a sauna you can take with you literally anywhere you can get to on your bike?


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Five incredible and aspirational sauna designs

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