10 healing crystals: from amethyst to turquoise

We’re looking at crystal healing this week, a growing trend, and how it can be incorporated in the spa or wellness experience.

There are dozens of these gemstones that are associate with health and happiness, and that devotees credit with bringing all kinds of positive energy and change to their lives.

Here are just 10 of the crystals that are popularly associated with healing (most information is from Energy Muse, unless otherwise linked).

Amethyst: A “protective stone,” said to be connected to the crown chakra. Believed to clear negative thoughts and energy, relieve stress and anxiety, and facilitate intuition and communication.


Black Obsidian: Said to be connected to the root chakra, Black Obsidian is called “the stone of truth” and is believed to be grounding and to help one connect with oneself.




Black Tourmaline: Said to be a powerful crystal for protection against negative energy. Black Tourmaline is also believed to absorb electromagnetic radiation from computers and other electronics.


Carnelian: Devotees say this stone, associated with the sacral chakra, helps ease menstrual cramps and PMS, and that it even helps with infertility. Also said to bring luck, powerful energy, and opportunity.


Celestite: Believed to be calming, uplifting, and mood enhancing, an “antidepressant” in a stone. said to help provide perspective.


Chrysocolla: Said to help purify energy fields and increase capacity to love. Chrysocolla is known as the “goddess stone,” as it’s believed to enhance feminine energy. Connects to the throat chakra and believed to encourage communication.


Citrine: Believed to be associate with wealth, growth, and creativity. Connected to the solar plexus chakra, citrine is said to clear energy blocks and to be associate with personal power and self confidence.


Clear Quartz: Said to be a “master healer,” and to be associated with all chakras. It’s believed Clear Quartz can be programmed to “manifest your intentions.” Is used for connecting with your higher self, intuition, and spirit guides.


Rose Quartz: Said to be connected to the heart chakra, Rose Quartz is believed to help manifest universal love – family love, self love, friendship, romantic love – and to help cleanse negative emotions like jealousy. Also associated with self confidence and emotional balance.
Turquoise: Turquoise is said to be “the master healer” and believed to be the energetic bridge between heaven and earth. They say that when Turquoise is given as a gift, its healing properties are increased a hundredfold.  

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