Spa Executive Magazine – 3rd Issue

Looking over the content in this month’s issue of Spa Executive, I’m reminded of the importance of attention to detail.

The details make all the difference between a good spa and a great spa. And don’t we all want to be at the top of this wildly competitive industry, recognized as leaders, and praised for our sublime service?

We achieve this by paying attention to even the smallest details through every moment of the guest experience; from the time of booking to the time they leave the spa and beyond. It’s not just about the treatment; it’s in the way they experience filling out their intake forms and being greeted by staff, it’s in the food we serve, and the connections we make.

I noticed this thread throughout this month’s content; even when we don’t mention the word “detail,” we’re talking about detail – the attention to which is a key element of every award-winning spa.

When AccorHotels’ Daniel Poulin talks about what he looks for in a spa director, and what makes Fairmont spas unique, you can tell he has spent a lot of time focusing on details.

We see this attention to detail in at the culinary offerings painstakingly prepared at some of the top spas around the world. And in the design of Finland’s new Tullin Sauna, created by Studio Puisto.

We also share insights from past interviews we’ve done with industry leaders on the mistakes spa managers make, and offer tips on how to create an incredible customer experience that is both effortless and human. Again, it’s all in the… well, you know.

That’s the business insight I’ll take away with me today, courtesy of all the people that demonstrate this incredible attention in everything they do. I hope you find the examples they set as valuable as I do.

Roger Sholanki, CEO,  Book4Time

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